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    This season may not have gone as expected...

    Sorry about the deleted post. I must remember not to react to other uninformed reactive posts.
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    Recruiting Marcus Evans - Game Changer

    ME is under the basket following his man, and coming off to help. MR doesn't position him there, he goes there because he has basketball acumen. The bigs are covering thier man, and maybe losing them, but saying ME should stay away from under the basket is not understanding help basketball.
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    Reading this thread will surely motivate the team do play well. Seems like some WANT the team to do poorly.
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    Bracketology Thread

    For us, no one person will shut down Obi. It will be up to the army to slow him down and slow down/shut down his team mates. Then we need to score more efficiently for 40 minutes.
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    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    rf1 Posted: I read most all the A-10 boards for league information and comment here from time to time as VCU has one of the most active forums in the league. I refrained from doing so in and around any of the URI-VCU games as I knew passions were high. I however think these attacks on David...
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    The Official Beat The Ticks for the 1st time in 2020 Thread @ The Animal

    I want a shirt from tonight's game so bad! I love that design! If anybody doesn't want theirs, I'll gladly take it! Where is a picture of the shirt for tonight's game?
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    2 tickets to Rhode Island Game For Sale

    Last minute price cut--Make an offer. I am headed towards the Seigle Center now.
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    2 tickets to Rhode Island Game For Sale

    Still available. I could meet you at the gate if needed. $50 2 general admission tickets
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    2 tickets to Rhode Island Game For Sale

    I have two general admission tickets to Saturday's RI game. Ticket office price: $30 each. My Price: $27.50 Will sell both for $50. IM me
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    The Official Beat the Missouri State University Bears Thread

    If we had gotten every rebound of their missed shots, we still would have been out-rebounded. MSU missed 30 shots (got 11 offensive rebounds). They also got 31 defensive rebounds. Is giving up 11 offensive boards too many? Yes Will this be a big problem? Yes, but the turnovers do mitigate...
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    The Official Beat the Missouri State University Bears Thread

    The rebounding disparity is problematic, but if you take into account turnovers, we didn't get the opportunity for as many defensive turnovers as MSU did, so they should have more rebounds. Offensive rebounds are an issue though, as we tend to be out of position too often for both short and long...
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    SOLD Alabama St. Tix

    Any still available? W
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    The Official Beat The Louisiana State Bayou Tigers in the Animal Thread

    How did guys feel the Marcus and Bones experiment went?