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    Need 1 for Dayton!!

    I'm looking for 1 for the game tonight for a friend of mine. He's never been to the STU! Message me at 434-294-0241. He can't afford to pay a lot, but message me with what you can do.'s better to pack the house than to end up stuck with a ticket!
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    Text me at 434-294-0241

    Text me at 434-294-0241
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    I'll take the tickets for $40. I have to buy 6, so I'm limited. Go Rams!

    I'll take the tickets for $40. I have to buy 6, so I'm limited. Go Rams!
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    I need 6 to GW

    Text 4342940241.
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    I need 6 to GW

    Looking for 6 to GW. Will buy in sets. Go Rams!
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    Need two for tonight

    lookimg for two tickets. I'm downtown. 434-294-0241. Thanks.
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    SOLD - Selling 2 tickets to GT game

    Hey, do you still have these tickets? If yes, please text me 434-294-0241
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    Looking to buy any and all home game tickets for personal use!

    Looking for 2 or more tickets to any and every game this year. Will buy multiple sets or individual games. I'd rather pay a Ram fan than StubHub! PM me or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
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    Need 2 tickets to VCU vs UVA!!

    Hi, I'm stationed in Germany and in town for Thanksgiving. My wife and I, along with a few of our friends, would love to go to this game. I have a few tickets already, but I'm still looking for two. I don't really care where the seats are, but I would rather not have SRO tickets. Please...
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    Traveled from Germany, VCU alum, need 4 tickets to UVA game!

    VCU alum and huge fan. I'm looking for 4 tickets to the VCU vs UVA game with commonwealth room access. I'm also interested in 4 SRO tickets for some more friends of mine. I'm stationed in Germany, but in town for Thanksgiving. This is my only chance to go to a game while I am home. Please...
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    Flying in from Germany...Need 4-6 for the UVA game.

    Hello, VCU fan and alum. I am looking for 4-6 tickets to the UVA game. I will be flying in from Germany on the 21st to see the family for Thanksgiving and I would like to get to a game at The Stu. This is the only game at the Siegel Center while I am home! Please send me info on where the...
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    Flying in from Germany...Need 4-6 tickets to UVA @ VCU

    Hi, I am an alum of VCU and I have been stationed overseas (Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait) since 2007. I will be flying in to Virginia for the first time, during basketball season, in YEARS. I really want to go to a game at The STU, but have been unable to find any reasonably priced...