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    2018-19 Opponent Tracking

    Kind of going off the media saying stupid sh!t theme. It bothers me greatly when the announcers talk about the A-10 being young and full of talent. VCU will be playing lowly Fordam or someone and they hyping their amazing freshman class or young studs and I am left thinking two things...
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    Future schedules

    Any word on UVA vs. VCU continuing? Seems like a win-win considering we should be a top 25 team next year.
  3. McG

    Looking for two tickets to Friday Hampton Game

    Still looking for two tickets to tonight's game. Haven't had luck on Craigslist or elsewhere. Was trying to suprise my girl with decent season ticket seat areas in the 60 dollar for the pair range. If you need to offload two, I will cheer loudly on your behalf.
  4. McG

    Countdown to the Black & Gold Game on Oct. 20th @ 4 pm

    Does anyone know what time game is being played? Family trying to get me to do "stuff" that day... They just don't get priorities....
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    News Beat the Winthrop University Eagles in the Animal Thread

    If you were to go to google and search for Reddit college basketball streams. You may find what you are looking for. Just know what you are doing and have good protection on said computer. Just a friendly help for any out of town fans.
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    2017-18 WBB Statistics

    Why hasn't the practice facility and the success of the men's program translated to to the women's team? Honestly don't follow women that closely, but have asked around and haven't gotten a clear response. Thanks in advance. I'll go back to lurking now...
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    The Official Beat FUR Thread

    I am working at fur this summer and saw this dude walking with the will wade look a like. He toured the dining hall for about two minutes ... all the coaches and him seemed smug... no one was smiling. Looking over everyone around them totally disengaged... was trying to figure out who he was...
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    ~Justin "MISTER GLASS" Thrillman~

    Wow... That was awesome, especially the commentary. I got goosebumps a couple times. JT's elite skills are his ability to leap so quickly and his soft hands. I always thought his nickname should be "Tigger" because of his bounce. I imagine all the men video taping are his family and friends. I...
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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva

    Ha . I can remember many a comment about how Mo didn't have the motor, wasn't quick enough blah blah blah.... We all saw how that turned out. People were saying he would never get playing time, should look at other options, didn't pass the eye test... Whatever that is... Marcus looks like a...
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    The Official Beat The Colonials @GW Whiteout Thread

    Hey that's my lucky shirt too! Every time I wore my custom "No Doughty bout' it" shirt we lost or Doughty played terrible. I've got twenty or so to choose from, but "it's havoc you fear" always gets results.
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    The Official Beat the Bunnies @ SBU Thread

    I believe the announcers made it seem it was all the fans fault. Definitely not. Their team and coaches stormed first. My girlfriend said that was the second time I ever got a call right before the refs. Called it the second it happened that it was a tech.
  12. McG

    The Official Beat The Illinois Fighting Illini in Miami, FL Thread

    Yes! It has started... I plant a seed and watch it grow. No Doughty bout it!
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    Samir Doughty - The Philly Phenom

    When Samir drives to the lane I yell to my girlfriend "No Doughty bout it"! She makes custom shirts and that one is on the list. Kinda thinking about having his silloutte off balance while double clutching. Love that guy. Just makes plays. Remember there was " No Doughty bout it!"....
  14. McG

    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    Seriously, this is 2016 and Fox sports radio doesn't even have a website I can find. The only portal I can find is through iheart How can there not be a podcast for the coaches show? Anyone have better luck please link!
  15. McG

    All things Dougie Brooks

    Read many pages in other threads and didn't see why was Doug in street closes tonight? Those were the skinniest skinny jeans I have seen in awhile. Girl behind me said they may have been to skinny for her.
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