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    VCU will win the A10 tournament

    Nice...didn't lose a game in the A10 tournament! Does that make us champions?
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    Please learn to play some zone next year. I love the press but in some games you just need to pack it in and show a different look. So frustrating watching the same thing over and over.
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    The Official Must Beat the Ticks in the RC Thread

    I'm beginning to worry that last year was the fluke. These guys look like they have not played together. Hopefully we get whatever issues there are fixed. Go Rams!
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    "Fair Pay to play Act "and it's impact on VCU

    My opinion is that I would rather see them just pay the players a fair wage. That keep teams on the same level and distributes $$ equally to all players. If you must go in this direction a portion of every players $$ should be distributed to the rest of the team. Similar to the way if you make...
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    Leave Richmond by 1pm and get to Columbia, SC by 6:30pm. 3 hours of pre-game. Should be a crazy Friday if I can make it work.
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    Predict the Opponent

    Any mid-major so they can eliminate one from the tournament. I'll say we play Nevada in Tulsa.
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    Recruiting Marcus Evans - Game Changer

    Awesome news! We are so much better when Marcus is in the game. Opponents will at least have to respect him if he is on the court. Should free up the rest of the team to play their normal game.
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    The 2018-19 Season

    It's probably that I'm old and cranky but VCU's colors are gold and black. Drives me crazy seeing people walking around in all the other colors like pink, blue, or gray. Sprinkle in some white and we should be good to go but please no more whiteouts! Go Rams!
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    They should be the Bootleggers. Wiki - The following decades showed an improvement in the overall living conditions in the alleys of Foggy Bottom. The Health Department’s effort to reduce crime and overcrowding largely succeeded until the 1920s, when prohibition began being enforced. Because...
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    The New Revised Official Beat rhode island Thread

    Right off the announcers get it wrong. Said VCU trailed most of the game yesterday and won at the end.
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    Alleged Fraud and Corruption at College Basketball Programs

    I wouldn't be so sure they are clean. Malcolm Brogdan was on the "lunch" list with ASM. I hope all Virginia teams are playing by the rules.
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    Dominion Energy-led new Coliseum

    My understanding is that Richmond was in competition for the USAir hub but the city leaders decided against it. I would love to know if that is true. If so I might go down in Richmond's history of worst decision ever!
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    The Official GW Colonials Thread

    I love the Rams but might have to switch over and watch women's curling. Much more exciting.
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    The Official GW Colonials Thread

    Wow...pathetic! This is hard to watch.