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    2022 Offseason

    Admittedly I haven't followed much college basketball since last season ended. Now that we're almost into October, we're getting close to the 2022-23 season. So how do our Rams look? Can we look forward to a top 4 A-10 finish?
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    Welcome to VCU, Tarique Foster!

    Welcome, Tarique!
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    Welcome Back Ryan

    Great news! Welcome back, Ryan!
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    News VCU Athletic Village

    I didn't read through the entire thread... Is VCU going to build a baseball stadium solely for use by VCU baseball? Is the city going to build a new baseball stadium for the minor league team and tear down the Diamond? Thanks!
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    Jarren McAllister torn ACL

    Oh no… Heartbreaking. I feel so bad for Jarren.
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    VCU cancels the best rivalry in Virginia college basketball

    I'm late to the party here; canceling this game makes total sense for VCU.
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    22-23 Opponent Tracking Thread

    Will this make that much of a difference for UR? On a similar note, I saw that Oduro will be returning to GMU; again, will it make that much of a difference?
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    Ace Baldwin news

    More good news coming?
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    David Shriver Is A Ram!

    Welcome David! Can't wait to see you knocking down those 3's!
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    Ace Baldwin news

    What time today is this news supposed to drop?
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    22-23 Opponent Tracking Thread

    Any possibility that we could land Lofton or Osun?
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    Ace Baldwin news

    Phew... Thanks for confirming. My immediate thought was oh no, here we go again. I should wait for my morning coffee to kick in before commenting!
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    Someone snuck into the Coliseum and posted pictures

    Cool pics! Especially from the rooftop, although I don't know if I would have been brave enough to climb up there! How was this person able to sneak in? Also curious about Green City? Is that a done deal, and if so, will an arena and other sports facilites actually be built there? BTW, I have...
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    Ace Baldwin news

    Ugh! How did this happen? Wishing Ace a speedy and full recovery. Transfer portal to the rescue?