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    VCU Baseball 2021

    Gameday experience is good. Currently, limited attendance is allowed and you have to sit in seats that have tape on the backs of the them, usually in groups of 2,4,6,8etc. but socially distanced. Beer is sold at games as well. Great atmosphere for college baseball and some of the bigger draw...
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    The 2018 Duel at The Diamond

    Looks like you have to show your passes at will call and they will give you tickets. In past years for UVA game you had to go down to Siegel to exchange.
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    The 2018 Duel at The Diamond

    You can take those to the Siegel center ticket office and they will give you tickets to the game when showing your all sport passes.
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    The Official VCU Baseball Thread

    Richmond actually is a hot bed for Division 1 baseball talent. Most of the kids the Rams used to get from Richmond are now jetting for UVA, VMI and other top out of state programs(UNC,NC State,etc.) There is a lot of quality baseball being played around the area these days.
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    San Diego Bracket Sunday

    Has anything been released on game times for Sunday in San Diego? I would think that it would be the later games with West Coast time. Thanks
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    Love the draw. Hate the location. Time for Juvonte and MO to dominate. Love the matchup vs UCLA as well, other than being in Cali. If we get hot shooting......Look out! Let's go Rams
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    The Official Beat The Minutemen in Amherst Thread

    Bottom line is you cannot continue to struggle at the free throw line and shoot sub40% from the field and beat good teams--beat Wofford yes, Umass on the road -NO! Layups are a joke at this point. If they shoot 43% on any given night, VCU wins, that simple. We better hope we don't lose to SLU...
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    tommy west tickets

    Long time season ticket holder, I got seats for the tommy west section for tonight but would like to sit in my regular seats. Can anyone help me out as to how they check tickets when you go upstairs? I would like to go up there pre game and then have someone else use my tickets to sit up there...
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    The Official beat the LBSU 49ers in Puerto Rico

    A win is a win, but at some point this team early on needs to play zone a bit. Way too many layups tonight and along with Fla state and Winthrop at some point the adjustment needs to be made. The shots will start to fall but would really like to see us limit the easy shots. It seems we don't get...
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    Larry is not happy

    Larry, suspended. Supposedly got into a big bar fight. Report on
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    Seat Selection

    If it becomes your time and there are seats available in a lower or higher section of donation, will you be able to purchase those or will it keep you just in your donation level section? My guess is they will hold any seats unsold in the lower sections for single game sales. Thanks
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    According to ESPN box score....

    Heath Houston got a block, great job Heath!
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    Game ball

    Theus huge shot, Burgess huge shot, Daniels insanely long 3, huge shot. Game ball goes to David 'Freakin" Hinton. Walk on with that many minutes, banging getting 2 charges- not close, invaluable minutes. Lesson learned also, don't take Theus out!!!!! Every team makes runs when he's out. Congrats...
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    Has Burgess received an apology?

    They better give an apology to the Burgess family! And when the call is made I hope Jordan answers and says--No apology needed, I will gain revenge for the next 4 years. And as I stated before I saw the Daniels shoulder bump live, and I loved it! Basically, Cornelius got leveled and looked...
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    Tone setter

    Didn't know if anyone else saw it but before the game during Brad's ceremony, Mason(Cornelius) started on the court to disrupt. Afterwards, the teams shot for a few and when going to the bench Daniels shouldered up Cornelius looking like James Harrison KO'ing a Quarterback. After seeing that I...