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    Thanks for the memories

    Thank you. I remember the most that Baja handed out breakfast burritos for an 11 am game against ur. No body else did such thoughtful things like that.
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    What will make this forum a better place

    First you guys do a great job with this site and thank you for that. This does not reflect on the way the site is run. But, these boards have been totally unreadable for a very long time. What do all these stupid pictures have to do with VCU basketball? Please get rid of the pictures. Please if...
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    There is nothing on this board but stupid people. Im wondering if some of you can dress yourselves.
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    Tevin Mack live stream link right here!

    Yeah Shakas not worth the money were paying him. What a joke people are.
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    Next VCU WBB Head Coach

    Im pretty sure they meant the A10. Thank you for the info. Keep us posted if you hear anything please.
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    Next VCU WBB Head Coach

    Has anyone heard anything about current players leaving or recruits not coming. I m sure its early. The article made it sound like the entire team did not attend the introduction. Im not sure that's a good thing.
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    The Official Beat The SLU Billikens in Shakapolis Thread

    OUR turnovers are the difference in the game. Constant bonehead turnovers
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    The Official Beat the GooMoo Patsies on Senior Night Thread

    Hey, if you guys were 7-7--with the look of a team that should be 4-10--after returning nearly the entire rotation (minus Arledge), you would feel the same way. Paul Hewitt is a cancer, and the cancer has infected everyone. There fans were total jerks long before Hewitt got there.
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    The Official VCU Baseball Thread

    Is there anyone that would be interested in splitting a baseball season ticket? If so pm me.
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    Baja Bean MUST move...

    The space where Paragon Pharmacy was for years is empty. Large space at Laurel and Cary. Also on that block the space where the 821 restaurant moved next door from. This is now a very nice block with sand volleyball court in the middle of the block. Its pretty much on campus.
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    A10 tournament

    The arena is built over a transit yard. There are 5 subway lines that feed into this site. Its very accessable from anywhere in the metro area. Also, if you stay near the arena its a quick subway ride to lower or mid town manhatten for entertainment or site seeing.
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    Can someone explain why....

    How about getting rid of all the stupid pictures and vidios that have nothing to do with VCU Basketball.
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    News ODU to C-USA 2013

    The joke is on odu. Thats a very weak and way to spead out league. There is no reason to join that league. They get to play marshall and ecu ,their so lucky. WEAK league. The football winner plays in some totally irrelevant bowl every year. I dont see this as an improvement at all. News flash...
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    Smart to become CBS/Turner as studio analyst

    Think how many recruits will be watching this. Very good recruiting tool.
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    Congrats from UVA

    uva is the graveyard of basketball coaches. In 60 years they have won 1 confrence championship. VCU has 8. The best measure of a program. They are scared and theres no excuse.