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    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    I'll also point out that we cannot ignore his conduct as an indicator of what is happening. If he intends to speak publicly at the trial, he likely would have no qualms about participating in the investigation, because the information would come out anyway. There's more to this, either because...
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    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    That he's been supboenaed by the defense team does not mean he has not been working with the FBI. Both can occur at the same time.
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    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    Challenging the University in the court of public opinion is an interesting strategy.
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    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    It's just as likely WW has agreed to some transactional or use immunity and is testifying against LSU or others. It would also be very unwise for him to risk incriminating himself in a private discussion with school leadership, assuming he cannot claim some joint-defense privileged protection...
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    The Official Beat FUR Thread

    Looks like they solicited donations for the billboard through twitter:
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    A-10 NCAA Net Rankings

    One can hope for good seeding and discuss possible outcomes while still feeling appreciative of how well the season has gone.
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    The Beat the GW Colonials in the Animal Thread

    It's very confusing. Can't click on anything. Looks like it was built on GeoCities circa '94!
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    The Beat the Kearney Blue Rams of URI in The Animal Thread

    What can I say? When they're right, they're right!! Pandemonium over there now. Those fans need a hug!
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    The Beat the Kearney Blue Rams of URI in The Animal Thread It's pretty depressing in there. They're expecting us to wipe the floor with them.
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    ACC Announces 20-Game Conference Schedule

    I'm not sure a 20 game schedule would make sense for the A10. It would be a disaster in years where the conference is seen as weak and may generally limit the perception of the league's top-tier teams. I could see a world where there is huge separation between the top and bottom of each...
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    Schedule 2019 Emerald Coast Classic
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    Schedule 2019 Emerald Coast Classic

    This is great! Very solid teams and a chance for me to head back home. It's FSU country, so they'll enjoy a home game the entire weekend. I went to middle and high school in Niceville and spent most weekends in Destin. If you have not been before, it's a great place to visit. Water is warm...
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    *Casually looks at the degrees on my wall so as not to draw attention to myself*
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    The Official beat St John's Red Storm in Brooklyn

    I don't recall him having 2 technical fouls. Am I forgetting something? RTD is showing 1 and I'm seeing the same thing on ESPN...
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    Touchdown Mo!

    I always felt this way. Poor guy got so many sympathy calls against him. Refs just felt bad for opposing players or could not reconcile how someone could be so strong. He'd stand there like a brick wall, not move, and get the "you're too darn big & strong" foul called on him over and over...