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    Big East Expansion?

    I don't think we have to win the A10, with our injuries we get a little wiggle room. If we are competing evenly with the top of the conference considering our injuries, that says something for our program's depth and resiliency. I hope we can still finish top 4 and get the byes. I think we have...
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    News News About RAMS In The Pros

    yeah, I drove from Portland to Salem Oregon in one of these a few years ago. It's no joke, blinding rain and really strong winds. In Cali now it's the equivalent of a tropical storm. The actual storm center off the OR/WA coast is like a cat 3 hurricane.
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    VCU Media Mentions

    Yes, I don't mind some opinion if it is analysis backed by some good research (googling it and pick what you like doesn't count). But you're right much of what we get now has no basis in fact at all.
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    New Kenporn out

    Not sure kenporn is worth much until 8 or 10 games into the season.
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    Is this the place a Duck fan was?

    Hay welcome back. Good to see another Duck fan around here. Yes, I'm a Duck fan during football season. Though they are trying my patience this year. Where did my play fast, game plan for multiple chunk plays Ducks go. I'm not sure I'm buying the 4 yards in a cloud of dust being a good thing...
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    The Season

    Actually it will be a tie. What do we have 12 guys playing, each one scores 5 for a total of 60. All our guys are great!
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    The Season

    Tsohonis, launching threes and wiggling inside for finishes.
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    Bones being Bones!
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    Former Recruits and Players

    "belligerent competitiveness" that's a great description for VCU basketball.
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    Video Interview: Catching up with VCU junior transfer Marcus Tsohonis

    Definitely West Coast laid back. Just so he's fierce on the court.
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    The Season

    It is a great story. We all need to think about the difference it can make to be nice to someone.
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    21-22 Opponent Tracking Thread

    I think they have the potential to be very good. Though they've gotten a transfer or two to help, I would agree the longer season may expose a lack of depth. We have three major injuries now, it hurts us but we'll be very competitive, they get one or two and they will be in trouble.
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    The Season

    Sorry didn't mean to hijack the thread. Peace.
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    21-22 Opponent Tracking Thread

    There are a lot of things I like here. We're at 75, I understand why we would be put that low with injuries, may teams with these injuries would fall further. The A10 has 7 teams, half the league in the top 100. We have some good opportunities in BFA, to show we are a bit better than this ranking.
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    The Season

    My only problem with the booster is that there are literally billions of people on this planet who want to be vaccinated and don't have the vaccine available. I'm hesitant about getting a booster until people in lesser developed countries have the opportunity to get there first and second doses...