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    Tony Dimaria

    I apologize if this has been posted earlier. A search did not return anything. in the Schafer Street Connection magazine that came yesterday I noticed in the list of alumnI who have passed Anthony Dimaria , class of 1979, Died March 2021.Sadly I am thinking this has to be the former player.
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    College Basketball/A10/VCU basketball Covid news, pause, forfeit, etc thread

    I came to my senses and popped in a recording of our game at Richmond when Mo had a monster drunk at the very end
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    College Basketball/A10/VCU basketball Covid news, pause, forfeit, etc thread

    Let‘s go play UK! Also, I must be delirious from all these cancellations"…………..I am planning to watch ODU‘s bowl game. Lord help me. i
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    The Official Beat UConn in the Bahamas Thread

    Dr Naismith is spinning in his grave.
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    The Beat The Orangemen of Syracuse in the Bahamas Thread

    For such a terrible start"……,,who would have thunk it Go Rams
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    The Official Beat the Vanderbilt Commodores in Nashville Thread

    GMU 67 MD 66 57 sec Del 64 Lasalle 63 1:24 Drexel 77 St Joe 74 1:00
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    Burning Question

    I didn’t think so either. No action clip but thought they might flash the logo or something..........acknowledge our earning a place in the tournament.
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    Burning Question

    Wonder if we will be included in “One Shining Moment”.
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    Staff Shaka to Marquette (#DoneDeal)

    Interesting that Shaka (Assuming the Marquette story is true) follows in line with the other young gun coaches that left VCU then having it not work out long term at the school they left for. Capel to Ok Grant to AL Smart to Texas Wade to LSU* counting my chickens based on the investigation there
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    The Official Beat the Bills of Saint Louis in the Animal Thread

    Danny would launch that jumper with the ball behind his ear and had a great eye for kissing it off the back board when shooting from the wing. It was beautiful
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    The Official Beat Fur In the Richmond Area Honda Dealers Capital City Classic Thread

    Geez, the board over there sounds like a funeral directors convention.
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    The Offense

    Anyone have an update on Crow? One guy isnt going to right the ship but I can see him nailing a timely 3 to keep a rally going.