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    Players Alphonzo Billups is a VCU Ram!

    I assume Tevin Mack's grandmother arrived on time
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    VCU and A10 advanced metrics/rankings (NET, KenPom, Torvik)

    If VCU plays an A10 Tournament game at the Stu is that considered a neutral site game?
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    The Official Beat the Bills of Saint Louis in the Animal Thread

    I believe with the win tonight VCU has clinched a top 4 spot and a double bye in the A10 Tourney St Joes, Fordham, LaSalle, Rhody, GW, Duquesne, Mason, SLU and Dayton cannot mathematically catch VCU at this point and if I am reading the remaining schedule right UMass only has one more game so...
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    A10 Tournament Format?

    I wonder if any A10 teams, particularly the two playing in the final, will try to schedule a non conference game between the 6th and 14th
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    The Official Beat Fur In the Richmond Area Honda Dealers Capital City Classic Thread

    Hilarious I actually texted my friends last night that he looked like he bought the Golden 1starter Kit
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    A10 Tournament Format?

    There are some interesting questions regarding the Tournament Seeding. I don't know if the A10 has made any announcements but do we know for sure how they will seed since most teams will be playing a different number of games. In some cases a significant difference I'm assuming seeding will be...
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    The Official Beat The Fayers in Dayton Thread

    I thought, given the level of attention he got, this was Bones best all around game of the season. They were smothering him and he still hit his average. He also shut down Crutcher. Crutcher has 8 points and 5 of them were Dayton's first 5 points. He was shut down after that. The least talked...
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    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams in Rhode Island Thread

    It seems to me SLU doesn't play at all
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    The Official Beat The Utah State Aggies in Sioux Falls South Dakota Thread

    Based on last night if VCU is the 9th best team in the Atlantic 10 it's going to be a heck of a league this year
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    Reseating Thread

    There is so much confusion and misinformation about the re-seating. Some of you are off base on a few things. The ticket prices have not gone up. Read between the lines and you'll see that the department is trying to thread the needle with the new tax law from 2018. That's why the new giving...
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    The Official Beat the Jacksonville State University Gamecocks Thread

    Had to be one of the more fun, and at the same time difficult, games to do this for in a while
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    Players 🦴 Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland 🦴

    More importantly who is responsible for getting Tevin Mack's grandmother there on time
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    St Mary's beat us in 2017 but lost their next game to Arizona Oklahoma beat us in 2016 and made the Final 4 where Villanova destroyed them Ohio State beat us in 2015 but lost their next game to Arizona SF Austin was gifted a win over us in 2014 but lost their next game to UCLA (apparently if you...
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    The official NCAA seed list put us at #29. We were the first #8 seed. I think this year the committee tried to keep as many teams close to home as possible. That is why we open with #34 UCF as opposed to #36 Oklahoma and why we don't get matched up in the same part of the bracket as #4 Gonzaga