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    The VCU Rams 2022-23 Season Thread

    And Ace missing most of non conference. If we have him, we beat UConn
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    Recruiting Silas Demary Jr.: Closed

    I love that this joke is from my sophomore year at VCU and is still a thing
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    Players Welcome to VCU, Jamir Watkins!!!!!

    It’s tressi gng
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    Vince Williams - NBA Thread

    Probably g league
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    Welcome to VCU, Tarique Foster!

    Briante Weber (love this game)
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    Welcome to VCU, Tarique Foster!

    Terry Larrier congratulated him on his instagram post
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    Recruiting 2023 Offers

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    Recruiting Elmarko Jackson: Closed

    Recruiting him hardest
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    Mike Rhoades Show, Media Minutes & Pressers

    But what about the big east
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    Recruiting Trey Green: Closed

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    VCU Media Mentions

    Any idea who the guard Briante played 1v1 with was?
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    For Funsies: Conference Reallignment/Creation

    This is something people don’t think about. Whenever they say “VCU couldn’t hang in a power conference”. First of all, we’d probably be top half. Second of all, now we get to recruit like the “big boys”. That’s why you join, if you can.
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    The Official Beat the Duquesne Dukes at the Stu Thread

    Can’t hear anything lol