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    For Funsies: Conference Reallignment/Creation

    Why would this matter when attendance is already good at MSG for the BE Tournament and ticket demand is likely to be even greater with the new addition of the large nearby UConn fanbase? The last BE tournament before covid without UConn in 2019 basically sold out every session...
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    21-22 Opponent Tracking Thread

    The term SEVEN BLOCKS OF GRANITE was attributed to the 1930's era offensive line of Fordham. Lombardi was one of its members when he played there. The program was eventually discontinued in the 1950's and was reinstated as a varsity program at the D-3 level in the 1970's. It moved up to D-1...
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    21-22 Opponent Tracking Thread

    ATLANTIC-10 NCAA RECORD SINCE VCU JOINED IN 2012-13 A-10 NCAA TOURNAMENT HISTORY YEAR BIDS UNITS WINS 2021 2 2 0 2020 - - - 2019 2 2 0 2018 3 5 2 2017 3 4 1 2016 3 5 2 2015 3 5 2 2014 6 10 4 2013 5 12 7 TOTAL 27 45 18 AVG 3.4 5.6 2.3 TEAM BIDS UNITS WINS...
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    The 2020-21 Men's Basketball Tournament

    Houston is very much helping the perception and coffers of the AAC with its Final-4 run. The A-10 on the other hand is not tending in the right direction with regards to success and revenues for the tournament. The league had never had back to back tournaments in its 45 year history where it...
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    20-21 Opponent Tracking

    The Boston Globe had an article on Bergeron being let go at UMass. Excerpt from Globe: Bergeron, a Springfield native, is so close to Mitchell that he is engaged to the player’s mother, Erin Tortorice, and lives with them in his home near Amherst. If anyone could have kept Mitchell at UMass...
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    20-21 Opponent Tracking

    This article is worth reading about the last several years of Umass hoops. While it mainly involves Mitchell and Bergeron under McCall, there is an interesting bit that may explain why Kelsey left UMass at the altar after initially accepting their head job after Kellogg was fired. It claims...
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    A10 Tournament Format?

    Typical A-10 move -- punish the teams that came closest to the goal of playing all the regularly scheduled conference games while rewarding the schools that came up far short of that goal.
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    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams in Rhode Island Thread

    You may want to learn more about the other A-10 schools, especially those that have been members of the league (and its predecessor) for 40+ years. The University of Rhode Island is the PUBLIC land grant flagship school for the state of RI.
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    2020-21 Season Outlook

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    Dave Benedict and UConn

    UConn Athletics has one of the most unusual operations in all of college sports. The majority of games played by its high profile teams take place some 25+ miles off campus: Football - all home games at Rentschler Field in E Hartford Men's Hockey - nearly every home game played at the XL...
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    2020 A-10/MWC Challenge

    This challenge may not last more than its first two years. The MWC voted 7-4 to increase their league schedule to 20 games. This will mean round robin home and away games versus every other member as there are 11 teams. San Diego, UNLV, Nevada, and Air Force are thought to be the dissenters...
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    20-21 Opponent Tracking

    Or using your brother's pending sneaker deal - Kentucky, Oregon, and Iowa State are all Nike schools. Jacob was surely efficient with the short time since his announcement when schools were "allowed" to talk with him. Took just three days for the schools to reach out and form such strong...
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    2020 transfer news/targets

    This confirms what I had thought might be the case with regards to the A-10:
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    20-21 Opponent Tracking

    Just remember that when VCU plays URI and its NET rankings sinks further hurting its ever diminishing chance for an at large bid as a member of the A-10. The top leagues have been further consolidating power in college basketball. They account for nearly all at large bids these days. They...
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    Atlantic-10 Men's Basketball Attendance 2019-20 Season

    Per the statistics maintained by each team, VCU once again ranked 2nd in the A-10 for 2019-20 average home attendance with 7,637 fans per game. Dayton, for what I believe to have been the case every year since it has joined, led the league with a mark of 13,364 this past season. St Joe's had the...