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    Two 2019-20 Season Tickets Available

    How much are you asking?
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    Recruiting VCU WBB Recruiting Thread

    “Over their”?????
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    Recruiting Closed: 4* 6'10.PF/C Gethro Muscadin

    247Sports reports one crystal ball prediction for Kansas in the Muscadin recruitment process. Interesting that Kansas is now under NCAA investigation. Wonder what effect this will make in his choice of what team to play for?
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    Players Welcome to VCU, Jamir Watkins!!!!!

    Welcome aboard as a member of the Ram Nation. You are now part of the Ramily! May you be blessed with a great VCU career. Hope you make many trips to the final dance and help carry on the Ram tradition to greatness.
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    VCU Football undefeated

    Looking like an undefeated season; again.
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    Recruiting 3* PF Mikeal Brown-Jones and 4* PF Jamir Watkins Both Commit to VCU 9/13/19!!!

    4 Crystal ball predictions by 247Sports that Mikeal will be the next Ram recruit.
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    Recruiting Welcome to VCU, Josh Banks!

    If so, he looks proud; rightly so.
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    Recruiting Welcome to VCU, Josh Banks!

    Love the pic. Can see the pride in Dad’s face.
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    Recruiting Welcome to VCU, Josh Banks!

    Great news. Now we need to recruit some up front recruits with good height. Would like to see the Ram get a commitment from a strong athletic center good in the paint.
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    Players News About RAMS In The Pros

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    The 2019-20 Season

    All Ram fans are with you Jay. We love you.
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    Sean Gone

    Very judge mental are you. What is pointless to you may not be so pointless to many others. In my view your opinion is pointless and mean spirited.
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    News Story about Franklin Street Gym and VCU Basketball: Worth subscribing to The Athletic for

    Moses Malone was often on campus and made regular appearances at the Chaukly House dorm where several VCU BB players resided, I always hoped (here I go pissing into the wind) that he would become a Ram. Oh well, a guy could wish....