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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    VCU did make the NCAA tournament 8 out the last 10 years, and that is one heck of an accomplishment. The problem is two of those years, the first year of Mike and last year with Mike, were with Mike. We were not going to make the NCAA tournament last year, if there would have been a tournament...
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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    This will be the fourth season with Mike Rhoades being the VCU head basketball coach. John O'Connor has VCU picked to finish 10th in the A-10 in his today's Richmond Times Dispatch article for the coming year. With the VCU basketball resources available to coach Rhoades he should have VCU as on...
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    Reseating Thread

    We are now going to be able to pick what seats are available once it is our turn to pick seats which we were not allowed to do during the prior seat selections. I wouldn't over analyze, costs, the picking of seats this year as I have a strong feeling that there are going to be many more good...
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    The real possibility that there isn't a season this year

    VCU, and just about every university in the nation will be open for business in August, or September. Having once been a soldier of this nation I know we can't stay in our foxhole if we want to defeat the enemy, and this virus is our enemy. There is over five months before basketball practice...
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    20-21 Opponent Tracking

    I think the A10 - MWC challenge doesn't have VCU out on the west coast. I believe UNLV is coming to Richmond to play VCU.
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    Tournament affected by the corona virus?

    The last thing I want, and I'm almost 70 year's old prime age for this virus, is for a politician telling me what I can do, and not do for entertainment. The yearly flu seems to have a far greater potential in killing you, and I than this virus. The news media, and politicians are blowing this...
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    VCU needs to mix it up to have a shot from here on out

    To have a shot we need to start playing a full 40 minutes of defense. Duquesne scored 44 points in the second half against VCU last night, and they were held to 26 points in the first half. This year's team is playing defense like the team 18-15 team of two years ago, and unless this changes...
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    To reset or not to reset...that is the question

    I've been told Mike's contract as basketball coach runs to 2025, and Mike will be our coach until 2025. I hope, I strongly believe, that Mike will have success as our basketball coach, and we won't end up with another Sonny Smith.
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    Reseating Thread

    When we reseat the Siegel Center seating should not be broken down into sections based on Society contribution levels. When it's your turn to pick your seats you should be able to pick any seat that is available.
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    Ace Baldwin commits to vcu!

    Being an old ram I know the top nine from 247 is not correct. Highest recruit I know was a player by the name of Kendrick Warren. Also, I believe there was an early 1980's a backcourt, who Bob Gibbons a recruiting expert stated was the best recruited back court in the nation that year, and those...
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    Recruiting 2020 Offers

    The A-10 next year probably won't have a team on the caliber of this year's Dayton, but with the returning players and recruits of numerous teams the A-10 could be stronger top to bottom than this year. VCU has four sophomores, as of now, and four incoming freshmen signed. Unless VCU wants to...
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    The Official Beat The Fayers in Ohio Thread

    The sky is not falling on this year's basketball team. This is a solid basketball team, and this is going be a very good team at the end of the year. Looking at the last two games the big difference, resulting in a VCU loss, are the points made at the free throw line. Cut down on turnovers, and...
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    Attainable future non-conference home/home series

    There are over 300 Division 1 schools playing college basketball, and with the exception of about 30 schools VCU should be able to get a home and home. VCU has a nationally know name, and it would be a nationally televised TV game. There is a reason that you have a VCU - UNLV matchup in the MWC...
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    Around the A-10: Who can challenge VCU in this year’s league race?

    Good evaluation of the A-10, and I agree with VCU, Dayton, Davidson, and Rhode Island to finish in the top four. The only switch I would make is putting George Mason as an Enigma, and putting St. Joseph as a pretender.
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    VCU Media Mentions

    I've been around college basketball for over fifty years, and there is nothing Mid-Major about VCU basketball. VCU nationally is a Major basketball program, not Mid-Major. Watching numerous so called Major basketball programs this week, and few have the overall atmosphere, basketball...