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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva

    Good point it is different Rams4life. And made shots in addition to scoring, reduced need for Offensive rebounds and allowed set up of D verses quicker transition and maybe easier baskets by opponent.
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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva

    Full disclosure-I agree with others well articulated comments here that this in the end may be bad advice for MSS to be getting- time will tell. I was not a huge MSS fan when he started at VCU but his game has grown and he as an athlete has grown on me. This mainly as a result of his hard work...
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    Pick all time starting 5 born and raised in your state!

    Malone, Iverson, Oakley, Mourning, Sherod (Edmond).
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    This doesn't make sense

    Picking up on the “crew” comment and total speculation here. Our seniors have never lacked ego and swagger. In my opinion sometimes way too much and to a fault. I wonder if the dwindling confidence started fairly early on in practices where our newbies were out performing our seniors and that...
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    The Official Must Beat the Ticks in the RC Thread

    Our defense (especially in the half court) isn’t close to as good as last year. Best effort was for about a 4 min stretch with 3 Freshmen, 1 Soph and 1 senior on the floor. If we’re going to lose then at least keep guys out there that will give an all out effort. And what happened to us wearing...
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    Oh well...Not our night.Thanks for a great year guys! Looking forward to an even better showing next year!
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    The Official Beat the Wahoos in Hooville Thread

    The good: We played 32 minutes of solid basketball on both ends. Defense is off the chain good. Silva played another solid game. Mobley looked healthy. The bad: last 10 minutes all offense went out the window and we reverted to one-on-one basketball with no passing, motion or ball screens...
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    2018-19 Opponent Tracking

    Or UR... far fetched and would make me throw up but he does like RICHMOND and they need someone who can recruit and rebuild quickly.
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    The Official Beat The Texas Longhorns Thread

    Agree. Why Shaka didn’t bang it inside on his last 2 possessions is unexcuseable. They scored at Will once in the paint on us. Great D guys and great win. Let’s go see them Cville Hoos and get another one ... this feels good!
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    Honestly, do you root for or against Shaka's Texas team?

    Agree. From what I saw Radfords D has something to do with that. We can do the same thing.
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    Honestly, do you root for or against Shaka's Texas team?

    Impressive win and maintained their composure when Texas turned a Radford 7 point lead into a 1 point advantage in final 3+ minutes. Made stops and hit foul shots. THAT is how you close out games...
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    Official Fodu Thread

    Good he should be. Sometimes you need to give a swift kick to motivate. Maybe he should do a little more of this when they play like they did.
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    Official Fodu Thread

    Remember when havoc used to create turnovers and wear the other team down. In the first half of most games this year we’ve been a little havoc-ie but come the second half it seems we’re just going through the paces and not committed to it which results in hesitation which gets us to the ball a...
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    2018-19 Opponent Tracking

    Agree. They look very quick and active on both ends. They have both inside and outside game and certainly “keep the ball hot.” Will be a tough out in Austin for us.
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    Tickets for @ ur game

    I’ll take 2 if any come available. Thanks for doing this!