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    Line seems different now...
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    My Predicting A-10 tourney seeding/bracket

    So is that a Virginia pod, Pennsylvania pod, Midwestern pod, & New England pod?
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    The Beat the Nationally Ranked Dayton Flyers in the Stu Thread

    Well... We decided last night's game against Mason was the perfect time to bring out a new "Go Green!" campaign for recycling... It kept flashing on video screens all night...
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    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    And now UMass... Upset Trifecta?
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    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    I agree it is a big game, I do not agree that we all have 4 A-10 losses...yet.
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    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    SBU has been hard to judge because Osun was out for their losses to really bad teams, and their losses to really good teams... But a Davidson win is one last thing we agree on before dawn.
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    Bracketology Thread

    I think they sent the A-10 invite to the Bill Russell poster on the A-10 board but it mentioned mid-major so he through it away.
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    Dominion Energy-led new Coliseum

    Was that $10 surplus before or after the $3.3 million discount? :D
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    The Official Beat the GooMoos (Again) in the Animal Thread

    8Q, 9Q, 10Q...what?...10Q...what?...10Q!'re welcome!
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    Bracketology Thread

    How much does Oklahoma winning change things?
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    Bracketology Thread

    Sure they can...with their performance in games...:lol:
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    The Official Beat The Davidson Wildcats in the Animal Thread

    Tonight shouldn’t be a problem, Senior night is when you will need to be focused.
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    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    Actually, that is the new required attire for the Coaches Cookoff...
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    Bracketology Thread

    You? Did I mention that I am the AD at Duke?