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    The Official Beat The Wildcats of Davidson in The Animal thread

    I’m really starting to question how well this whole board is being moderated. The comments made on this thread are absolutely inappropriate and are sickening. How is it that some members can make racist comments and still be allowed to stay here? Where is the line here to get a permanent ban...
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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva announces departure from VCU

    This thread shows just how toxic this place has become.
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    BW3 to show Penn State game

    So...we are just going to forget there is a global pandemic going on?
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    Recruiting 2021 Offers

    He's not going to VCU. That's a pipe dream. He's going to a P5 school. That was always his intent.
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    Recruiting Jalen Deloach Commits to VCU!

    This was something that I always wondered if Coach Rhoades would recognize as an issue with this team. It seemed that VCU could never get a big man over 6'7" for the past couple of years. Now we have a 7'1", 6'8", and two 6'9 players that could possibly be on the team by January. I would like to...
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    Orlando will host the following eight early season hoops events

    Most teams aren't ready to play on that Arthur Ashe rubber court! But I would love to see it at JMU's new arena. That would be a good opportunity for JMU to showcase how much they have grown their athletics department over the past decade (btw I was a Harrisonburg resident for 10 years...
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    Orlando will host the following eight early season hoops events

    This would be the perfect opportunity to have a Virginia Governor's Cup style tournament again. Have a tournament with all of the D-I Virginia schools, and have them battle it out for the "state championship". It limits travel for most of the teams and I'm sure you could host it in Richmond at...
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    20-21 Opponent Tracking

    Ummm he made comments pertaining to a noose and directed it at Rasir Bolton, who is a Petersburg, Va native. Also has other allegations of racist treatment of other players. He should never be able to coach again.
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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    What makes you believe that Bones will stay another two years? If Bones does well again this year, he will likely declare for the NBA draft.
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    Forum Updated!

    The roster structure looks so much better with a 7' footer on the team. With that 7' footer, we could throw out there more effective lineups, and also have more effective small ball lineups (ie- Having Ward or Douglas be a small ball center versus having one of them be the starting center).
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    Players Time to have a conversation

    I guess I live rent free in your mind @duncanlamb Or is your racism so strong that you had to make that point.
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    Players Time to have a conversation

    A lot of yall on this thread are telling on yourselves...really...YOU ARE TELLING ON YOURSELF! I can glem how you really feel about those who are oppressed in this country and are standing up to fight for equality. I see how yall talk about the youth protesting in the streets for equality...
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    Players Time to have a conversation

    Thank you Matt. This board can be the perfect place to really attack this issue head on! Some VCU fans will not feel comfortable with the message or the stance, but the statement they are making HAS to be made. These young black men are making it clear that they will not stand for racism and...
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    Players Time to have a conversation

    That’s the goal of this post, it’s to start that conversion. I think this can be used as a place to really provide white fans with perspectives on certain subjects or instances that have happened that affect people of color like me as a VCU fan. For instance, on this board there is a different...
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    Players Time to have a conversation

    I don't know if some of yall saw this but here it is... As a black VCU fan for over a decade, I've heard, seen, and personally experienced racist actions by other VCU fans. Now in 2020, as this country is coming to a reckoning around structural racism, white supremacy, and the devaluing of...