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    2022 Atlantic 10 Baseball Tournament

    They had to wait for the SLU/RIC game to finish.
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    The Offical VCU Men's and Women's Tennis Thread

    I think when she was up 4-2 in the tie-breaker, I was worried she got the yips all of a sudden on her serve. She fought past it though.
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    The Offical VCU Men's and Women's Tennis Thread

    Just watched Paola move on to the national semi-final on the stream! That was quite a gut-twister.
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    Season Ticket Refunds For Penn St and NH Games

    Man, glad you guys popped this thread back up, I almost forgot to request it. Done now.
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    2022-23 Targets (Minutes/Points)

    Yeah, count me in on Jamir Watkins being a big time contributor. Only problem I see is he missed a year of growth and experience, but that dude is going to bring it.
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    Season Ticket Refunds For Penn St and NH Games

    In the same boat, I called yesterday and they said I should see that reverse out in a few days (haven't seen it yet though). What a cluster!
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    How much effort should we put into HS recruiting vs Transfers now?

    I think the model will be 2/3 of your yearly roster the traditional route, with 1/3 via the portal. And that 2/3 will have to be "re-recruited" every year to some extent to help avoid their transfer later.
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    Hason Ward transferring.

    That was quick! I wonder which Iowa State assistant gets credit for the tampering, er I mean close on that deal.
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    April Fools!

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    21-22 Opponent Tracking Thread

    Good choice, but probably more impressive is Tommy Lloyd with Arizona.
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    Players Marcus Tsohonis in the transfer portal

    #CharlieMoore. BTW, the first player I’ve ever seen to play at 4 different schools during his college career. Weird to think how close we thought we were to landing him those many years ago.
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    Recruiting 2023 Offers

    I was thinking, he probably has a walk-on spot if he decides to go that route, but they probably want to also let him enjoy the recruiting process. Rhoades was a D3 player, so maybe Logan is on that kind of track, I guess we'll see how it plays out.
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    Question for the general audience, is that his son Logan he points to after he makes it?
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    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    "Tilted: How to make illegal payments fair for everyone!" by Will Wade.
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    A10 coaches on the hot seat

    Plus he'd have to sit I think since he already did his one free transfer from VT.