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    If you think McAlister’s is the problem, Then we can successfully disregard anything else you have to say.
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    The Official URI Kearney Blue Rams Thread

    Can't shoot, can't rebound, can't win.
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    In-game thread Spiders

    Issue: UR had more steals than VCU.
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    In-game thread Spiders

    Here's my concern. You can't Havoc playing 7 players. Our bench is getting shorter. Thumbs Haley is a liability and Okeraefor is too timid. Guest can't make a lay up and Tuoyo is standard freshman foder. I agree with an earlier poster that a loss tonight will do more than a win. Ugh...
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    VCU/USF Tickets for Sale

    The tickets have been sold.
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    VCU/USF Tickets for Sale

    I'm a season ticket holder that is unable to attend this Wednesday's VCU vs. South Florida game. I have two tickets for sale, Section 4, Row O, Seats 11 and 12 on the isle behind the visitor's bench. The tickets face value is $16 each and comes with access to the Commonwealth Club before the...