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    The Official Beat the Temple Owls in Philly Thread

    Other than the 2 graduating seniors, please list the others that will be gone.
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    The Official Beat the Vanderbilt Commodores at the Stu Thread

    Sorry, I have to disagree with that...A handful of coaches were having trouble keeping him under control and there is absolutely no reason to think any student or fan would even have a reason to throw anything at him. He just made an ass of himself and gave us 4 free throws. I know of no...
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    The Official Beat the Vanderbilt Commodores at the Stu Thread

    Jones leaving had nothing to do with the position he was playing on the court.
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    The Official Beat the Memphis Tigers in Tennessee Thread

    Did you say that Ace was going to be out when you told us so?
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    He didn’t miss 30-40% of his games last year and I doubt he will come close to it this year. Jesus just let it go.
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    Exactly what did the team physician tell you Bones did wrong to cause his previous hip injury and his current illness. You make plenty of informative and inteiiigent comments on this board…why make these purely speculative snarky comments. Totally unnecessary
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    Season tickets

    Personally, VCU basketball, especially time in the Commonwealth Room is my favorite social activity. Until Covid, myself and a number of fans were at the Stu at least 15 minutes prior to doors opening to get to my favorite table, snag a drink and converse with folks. With a full 90 minutes, it...
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    VCU cancels the best rivalry in Virginia college basketball

    While I absolutely agree Chuck Noe and Dana Kirk did a great deal for our program, I think JD was the coach that put VCU on the national radar. I think sometimes ole farts like ourselves assume everyone got started in Franklin Street and a lot of fans don't go back that far and are not aware of...
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    Songs The Band Should Play 2022

    A modified shorter version of this would be the bomb! Make it happen Ryan!!!
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    Players Mikeal Brown-Jones in the transfer portal

    I consider you one of the strongest supporters of VCU athletics and have no desire to argue with you. My point was not there are no problems with the players, but rather there have been other issues that you might not be aware of also. Either way, rehashing negative things about our program does...
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    Players Mikeal Brown-Jones in the transfer portal

    I’m sure there were some internal situations to deal with, but I feel the Coaching staff from Rhoades down is perfectly capable of handling that internally. I think the more “troubling” issues have come from outside the team and in some ways, not necessarily in MJB’ case, has helped the team...
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    Players Mikeal Brown-Jones in the transfer portal

    Considering the comments posted by some VCU Ram fans ( not on this forum) concerning the team photo at the Lee monument, I’m not sure we need to be passing judgement on comments MBJ made. UNCG is a fresh start for him and I wish him well
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    Toibu "Tobi" Lawal

    Actually I do…They have to choose to come to VCU, we don’t get to just “land them” and with multiple P5 schools in the mix, we’re not going to land many high profile, immediate need players. We do have the opportunity to land talented players who fit our system and needs that can make us...
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    Toibu "Tobi" Lawal

    I think you will find that all three of our transfers will help in the scoring , whether it will be one big scorer in a game or the combined contribution of all 3. Between the return of our 2 injured players, the sophomore year improvement of the freshman, some level of help from the transfers...