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    Planning Brooklyn!: 2019 A-10 Tournament Edition

    FMRick and I will be there! Can't wait!
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    A-10 tourney in DC roll call/planning thread

    801 E Street NW
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    A-10 tourney in DC roll call/planning thread

    Pre game begins at 10 am at Penn Social today.
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    Pep Band

    FMRick and I sat next to a Seton Hall fan yesterday (very basketball knowledgeable and nice). They had a Battle of the Bands during the game and when Seton Hall played we all just sat there and listened. In my head of course I was thinking "that's not a band" but because the SHU guy had been...
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    The Official URI Kearney Blue Rams Thread

    He has been doing it all year. The millenials started this (actually people who live in Connecticut and other Northern states have always sort of dropped their t's) sometime ago and it is horrible. I keep wanting to yell at them and say ttttt, but I know they won't hear me. Unfortunately, it...
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    My biggest concern is the fact that 910 is THE radio station for VT. Virginia Tech coverage has always come first for them. While I know they have an FM station as well, you cannot pick up 910 at night (after the homes games) just like 950. Soooo, if we are playing and VT is playing who goes...
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    College coaching changes

    It is Jay Larranaga, not Jim Larranaga.
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    The Official Beat the OU Sooners in OKC Thread

    NCAA rule: The top 4 seeds are seeded as close to their home geographically as they get. Next year's First and Second rounds are at: Buffalo, Greensboro, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Orlando, Tulsa, Sacramento and Salt Lake City. VCU needs to get a better (lower) seed to get closer to Richmond...
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    Oklahoma City roll call

    FMRick and I are still debating........should we stay or should we go?
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    The official sh!ttiest '16 A-10 Tourney thread

    Yea, but if we did not play those teams, we would not have been able to play Duke and Wisconsin. Weren't they part of that deal? But even if not, would you have rather us lose to top 100 team, seeing as were were probably not ready for tougher competition at that point in the year? These...
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    2015-2016 Opponent Tracking

    Saint Louis @ Saint Joes is at 1pm, not 7pm
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    Planning Brooklyn 2016

    You're gonna miss our game if we are in first place..
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    The Official Nova Goo Moos Thread

    I think lots of posters were regulars on the old CAAZone. I know FMRick was (I always lurked, rarely ever posted) and there were many funny back-and-forth banterings from all of the schools, especially odu and gmu. Great times. Used to love the look-alike threads when we played odu!
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    The Official Beat UMass Minutemen Thread

    Oh and one more thing; been wondering how in the world did LaSalle beat Dayton (???) Thanks RAMS for giving me the answer to that last night.
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    The Official Beat UMass Minutemen Thread

    FMRick didn't make the trip to UMASS, but watched it with me on TV. Rarely do I see him mad at the team, but he was screaming at the TV from the get-go. The team and staff have to remember that as long as we are in the top tier of the league every team makes our games their "Super Bowl"...