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    Why the Atlantic 10 gets it
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    Next coaching generation: Reason to fret?
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    No Political Speech here PLEASE

    This is not a political forum. This is not even the Off Topic Form. Please do not mix politics with my sports! We can all agree to love the Rams and Basketball. We will not all agree on much else, especially politics. Unless you are ok with this great VCU forum turning into the ZONE, PLEASE...
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    Athletic Department donors call

    Got my annual ‘thank you’ call from the athletic department. Imagine my surprise when checking voice mail and hearing Ed Nixon's voice on it. So, thank you VCU Athletic Department & Ed Nixon! Anybody else get their call?
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    News Sites Rethink Anonymous Online Comments
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    Dave Telep evaluates high school basketball
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    Down goes Mason, Down goes the 'Zone'

    Not to long after we busted GMU....AGAIN...the zone is 'out of order'. I guess its just par for the course.
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    Coaches & AD: FB vs. Twitter

    I know Coach Smart is on Twitter and there is a link on the athletics site promoting his page. I was wondering if all the coaches and possibly the AD also have Twitter pages? I'm not a fan of Twitter, and was also wondering if they also have FaceBook pages?
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    Player Rankings by Garry Parrish (CBS Sports) Larry ranks in at #17 for the top 40 Center list. Top 5 are: 1. Cole Aldrich (Kansas) 2. Luke Harangody (Notre Dame) 3. Al-Farouq Aminu (Wake Forest) 4. Patrick Patterson (Kentucky) 5. Derrick Favors (Georgia Tech)
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    Reco McCarter

    Props to I saw this on a page he referenced in another post ... _key=81558 6'7" 180lbs 3 Stars on Rivals