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    RIP Lew Hill

    Wow that is crazy
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    The Official Beat the La Salle Explorers in The Animal

    They were a crazy band, man
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    The Official Beat The Minutemen of UMass in the Animal Postponed (again)

    Yes but are you sure Rhode Island and Fordham won't be on masn? If those are truly espn+ exclusives then yeah it's all good.
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    The Official Beat The Minutemen of UMass in the Animal Postponed (again)

    I got robbed because I just signed up for espn+ for this game
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    The Official Beat the Colonials of GW in DC Thread

    Fios is showing this on Nbc sports? That's what my DVR is set to record
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    The Official Beat the Duke Dawgs of James Madison University in The Animal Thread.

    Also the secret to the best garlic bread, sounds weird but it's ridiculously rich and tasty. And you would never know there was mayo on it
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    20-21 Opponent Tracking

    Fire Mooney?
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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    Probably best to just go ahead and cancel frivolous activities such as sports. No need in risking life and limb for something that can be picked back up in a year when there is a vaccine available
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    2020-21 Season Outlook

    Well considering your stance, there should be no games played, at all. Am I right?
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    Players Time to have a conversation

    After 4am? That's time for me to get up and go to work!?
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    Players Time to have a conversation

    Don't forget feces and urine!
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    Reseating Thread

    I agree, so much stupidity all around. I wear one, also, for everyone's safety (I'm not going to be some super altruistic saint and say I'm only doing it for others), but the man just has no credibility to stand on now, and everyone sees it.
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    Reseating Thread

    So you're saying he knows it's not as big a deal as purported?
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    Reseating Thread

    Haha, I've already heard one twit say, " it's the phone camera, it makes them look closer together than in reality". 😂
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    Reseating Thread

    Or go online and buy them
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    Rams helping Rams and beyond...

    Kind of like how the A10 does, you may have a co-virus of the week? 😂 Healing vibes headed your way