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    The Official Beat the Bills of Saint Louis in the Animal Thread

    Despite all the bitching on here by some. Best player out, another, how some take away from a fun game to watch. Regardless, GREAT win.
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    Long time fan Randy Smith has died.

    You have the right guy MrVCU...he was not a Sonny fan! And I remember him and his family as great fans. Randall, ha, he didn't like to be called that, always a great smile, and indeed, Randy was a long-time fan. RIP ole buddy.
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    The Official Beat the odui pussycats in the Animal Thread

    Jiminy, I enjoy the game then find out how bad the announcers are...again. Must be a Ramnation thing.
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    Ace Baldwin is a major upgrade

    Do you mean I think Ace is the best?
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    A Beloved RamFan, Bob Maphis, has passed away

    Very nicely stated Hook. Bob was a great VCU fan and all around good guy. Indeed, "He will be greatly missed..." by so many. And condolences to Mark and whole family. (Crazy times with the social distancing and all, if you knew Bob, would be hard to imagine him not being able to give his big...
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    VCU Media Mentions

    Ha, and a student in my general biology class in 69!? Nice guy, respectful student. No, in 46 years, not all were as respectful.
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    The Official Beat The The University of Massachusetts Minutemen Thread

    Probably our psyches are in such a "protective" state that appropriate hormones are not being released that would result in feelings of excitation ..
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    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams in Rhode Island Thread

    Hey, we got it down to 22!!!
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    This may not be true, but I did hear it on the radio ...a dude said he operated at a higher level than most folks with half his brain tied behind his back. Again, may not be true, but he sounded pretty serious. Can't imagine what would happen if he blew his nose.
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    Poll: What is the ultimate pole?

    Should we maybe put a lock on this pole?
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    Sean Gone

    Fact of the matter is, he did not want to leave. His parents wanted him to leave. There, I'm done, no mas. Ga'night thread. Go Rams!
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    Big East Expansion?

    Back in the day, the old Tulane stadium was known as the Sugar Bowl on New Year's Day. Held 83,000 for a school of less than 6,000. Will not forget a homemade banner hanging at a Tulane dorm in about 1966-67, on game day, it read LSUcks. Neat stuff.
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    Ernie (VCU Basketball Fan)

    Yep, Ernie was a great guy. RIP sir.
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    Players 🦴 Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland 🦴

    Well, I am a senior citizen plus, but greatly enjoy a hardcopy of the RTD each morning. When a paper delivery is missed it's similar to forgetting my phone when I leave the house. But then I love to garden, hunt, fish and all those things. (When no VCU bball scheduled).
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    I am buying stock in Rhoades

    I think a loose link in our armor will put a chink in our can of worms. That'll knock your socks over. Fun times.
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    The 2019-20 Season

    Big time endorsement from big time basketball sage
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    Pat Boone's Love letters in the sand! Haha. JK, but indicative of a 'friend's' age. "How you laughed as I cried each time I saw the tide, take those..."