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  1. rvadansox

    A10 Tournament Format?

    Does anyone know what the tourney will look like? I've been hearing that there's a minimum-games-played requirement but couldn't confirm. I also know that Bernadette may decide to award the auto bid to the regular season champion, in which case, would the tournament still be played for teams who...
  2. rvadansox

    "Before outright cancellation, NCAA considered a condensed 16-team 2020 tournament in Atlanta" Thoughts?
  3. rvadansox

    The right side of the bracket is the ACC Semifinals

    What a great conference. UNC and UVA are one win away from rematching their ACC Championship game from two weeks ago.
  4. rvadansox


    I can't believe this. They cant send us out to Portland again. They just can't. I thought it was against the rules to ship a team to the opposite end of the country two years in a row. Its inexcusable. We went out there in 2012 and last year we went to San Diego. Absolutely ridiculous. SO much...
  5. rvadansox

    CAA Championship Game: William and Mary vs Northeastern

    William and Mary was established in 1693--if they lose tomorrow, it will be the 321st consecutive year that they've missed the NCAA tournament. Let's go Tribe!!
  6. rvadansox

    Regular Season title is still very doable.

    If my math serves me right--correct me if I'm wrong: We win the A10 regular season title IF -We beat Davidson AND -We beat Mason AND -Rhody beats Dayton AND -Rhody loses to St Joes If that happens, we're tied with Rhody with 13 conference wins, and even if Dayton and Davidson both win on the...
  7. rvadansox

    Selling two tickets to UMASS game

    $25 each. Call or text me: 8045027012.
  8. rvadansox

    Might need one to SLU

    I'm a Rowdy Ram and if Athletics doesn't fix this ticketing crisis that has been created, I'm going to need another ticket to the SLU game. Please let me know ASAP if you have another one that you'd be willing to sell to me. But hopefully they'll get this right and everything will be ok.
  9. rvadansox

    Need just one ticket for SLU

    Preferably SRO. Contact me if you have an extra!
  10. rvadansox

    Need 4 tickets to Bonaventure game

    PM me or text me at 8044101572. Willing to pay up to 50 per ticket.
  11. rvadansox

    Planetary trio from May 25-29

    A planetary trio is when three planets are close together in the night sky. Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus will all be within 5 degrees of each other (about the width of three fingers held at arm's length) for the next few days. They'll be in the same field-of-view in binoculars or a telescope...
  12. rvadansox

    Behold, the Book of Havoc!

    The Book of Havoc 4th Edition is (unfortunately earlier than hoped) finished. But it needs a fairly good ending. Let me know what you think.
  13. rvadansox

    Crazy stat

    So we beat Akron by 46 points(!!!!!) That was the 4th largest margin of victory in the history of the NCAA Tournament. Just a few minutes later, that was overtaken by Syracuse beating Montana by 47. Go figure xD Anyway--man I just can't believe all the wonderful things I've seen tonight. The...
  14. rvadansox


    Probably the only team in college basketball history to have a 3 point lead with 5 seconds left and lose by 5 in regulation. Screw them. They thought they were all that after getting lucky against us and now we have the last, much bigger laugh. Hope they enjoy that stupid January win against...
  15. rvadansox

    Mason was up 28-4 on Northeastern...and now its down to 1

    Reminiscent of VCU's 22-0, 32-4, 43-15 lead on Mason last year, except this time the team who took the big lead might actually lose. Mason was up 28-4 and now its 35-34...unreal! *three pointer by Mason, 38-34.
  16. rvadansox

    Just in case you want another reason to smile...

    One year ago today, March 4, 2012, this is what it looked like--one of my favorite photographs of all time. I took this from the upper deck--everyone around me had their cameras out too xD Cheers :)
  17. rvadansox

    CAA Tournament 2013

    Anyone going? Any predictions? I'll be there on Saturday evening for JMU/WM and then Monday for the final. Predictions: Game 1: Drexel over Mason Game 2: Delaware over Hofstra Game 3: William and Mary over James Madison Game 4: Drexel over Northeastern Game 5: Delaware over William and...
  18. rvadansox

    Shakaville on Sportscenter?

    Hey everyone..I heard Shakaville was shown on SportsCenter this morning. I had taped the 2AM SC and then the 1PM SC and didnt see it but apparently it was on the morning show. Does anyone have the video clip? Would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  19. rvadansox

    KO Breast Cancer this Sunday

    Apparently theyre trying to break a World Record for largest game of Knockout. Anyone else going?
  20. rvadansox

    Whats the name of this song?

    I recorded this last night--the Peppas play it before every game and I'm wondering what it is. I enjoyed hearing "It's All Over Now" last night as well--just wish I knew the lyrics! heres the URL: