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  1. hyeahvcu

    For sale: 2 tickets vs. Charleston

    Unfortunately, I can no longer attend the game. I have 2 for sale for $25/each. Let me know if you're interested please. Thanks!
  2. hyeahvcu

    Need 1 Ticket for Davidson

    Hey all, Would love to get 1 ticket to the Davidson game. Thanks!
  3. hyeahvcu

    Need 2 Tickets for the uofr Game Please

    Please inbox me if you have 2 for sale. I don't care at all where the seats are located. Thanks!
  4. hyeahvcu

    Players Bradford Burgess...

    Thank you for everything you did for our university. You had an amazing career here. What a class act! I already miss you :(
  5. hyeahvcu

    Gary Williams to Retire ... ons-050511 Good riddance. Hope there's no chance they look at Shaka...
  6. hyeahvcu

    VCU Room?

    Anyone have a VCU styled room worth posting pictures? I'm looking for ideas. Probably a long-shot to have mine picture worthy anytime soon, but as a recent graduate with no money I'd love to see others'.