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    San Diego Bracket Sunday

    Has anything been released on game times for Sunday in San Diego? I would think that it would be the later games with West Coast time. Thanks
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    tommy west tickets

    Long time season ticket holder, I got seats for the tommy west section for tonight but would like to sit in my regular seats. Can anyone help me out as to how they check tickets when you go upstairs? I would like to go up there pre game and then have someone else use my tickets to sit up there...
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    According to ESPN box score....

    Heath Houston got a block, great job Heath!
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    Game ball

    Theus huge shot, Burgess huge shot, Daniels insanely long 3, huge shot. Game ball goes to David 'Freakin" Hinton. Walk on with that many minutes, banging getting 2 charges- not close, invaluable minutes. Lesson learned also, don't take Theus out!!!!! Every team makes runs when he's out. Congrats...
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    Tone setter

    Didn't know if anyone else saw it but before the game during Brad's ceremony, Mason(Cornelius) started on the court to disrupt. Afterwards, the teams shot for a few and when going to the bench Daniels shouldered up Cornelius looking like James Harrison KO'ing a Quarterback. After seeing that I...
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    ooc teams feb 15th

    South Florida, uab, akron, northern iowa, uncg all win, Richmond looks like an L. Hopefully our rpi will get a boost from tonight and a big win Friday night.
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    Theus- Difference maker

    In case anyone doubted what Mr.Theus means to the Rams, today was case in point. He came in late and I had that feeling that we were back in control. Dude was sick on those high arching layins. And that last 3 was clutch. And weber nailing those free throws, nice!!! Tonight's gonna be a good...
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    Brad's Technical

    Forgive me if it's been stated, but did anyone hear what Brad did to receive the Tech at the beginning of the game? I happened to be looking at him on the inbound play and didn't see anything he did? Didn't know if they mentioned on Tv. Thanks
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    Skeen dominates the first half and gets hardly any pt in the second half. WHY?? He should've been in along with Sanders expecially when Bowles fouled out. Any explanations?