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  1. isthisthedagger

    Selling 2 GA for GW - SOLD

    Two GA tickets for Saturday - $10 each
  2. isthisthedagger

    SOLD: VCU Loyola

    Selling 2 tickets for Sunday. Section 24 row C, on the aisle. $30 each
  3. isthisthedagger

    2 For Missouri St - SOLD

    Selling 2 GA tickets for Missouri State, $10 each
  4. isthisthedagger

    Cyber Monday: VCU @ GMU

    Just a heads up for those planning on making the trip: George Mason is running a 50% Cyber Monday deal for all January games, which includes VCU. Tickets are $7.50 before fees with promo code JAN50. Go Rams
  5. isthisthedagger

    SOLD Alabama St. Tix

    SOLD Due to a miscommunication with out-of-town holiday guests, I have 4 extra GA tickets to Alabama State on Monday. Looking to get $25/pair or $50/total, less than what they are from Athletics. Thanks!
  6. isthisthedagger

    ISO 1 for UCF

    If someone in your group bailed and you have a single, let me know. Would like to avoid the online fees if possible. Go Rams
  7. isthisthedagger

    A10 Fri Session vs URI

    Assuming a win vs Dayton, I'm looking for 2 tickets to Friday. I know I can get tickets on Ticketmaster, but would prefer to sit with other VCU fans. Thanks!
  8. isthisthedagger

    Selling 1 for Mason - $15

    Section 24 Row J
  9. isthisthedagger

    Selling 1 for St Bona - $15

    Section 5 Row T. Commonwealth Room. $15.
  10. isthisthedagger

    Looking for 2 to GW on 1/20

    Searching for 2 tickets to the VCU home game against GW on Jan 20. Asking now because I'd like to give them as a Christmas present. Please let me know, thanks!
  11. isthisthedagger

    Selling 1 for Texas - $70

    Section 13 Row G $70 OBO
  12. isthisthedagger

    SOLD: VUU Section 9

    Two tickets for tomorrow's game in Section 9, includes Commonwealth Room. $40/pair, PM if interested
  13. isthisthedagger

    SOLD: Two for GMU

    Section 2 Row G with C Room. 60/each OBO SOLD
  14. isthisthedagger

    (Sold) VCU Dayton Section 23

    Two tickets, $60/each. Founders Club and parking pass included. PM if interested.
  15. isthisthedagger

    Sold: VCU @ Davidson

    Sold. Selling two tickets to Saturday's game at Davidson. Section 108 Row G. Based on the seating map these look like good seats. $40 for the pair, PM if interested. Go Rams.
  16. isthisthedagger

    FS: 4 Tickets VCU Binghamton (Section 23)

    Selling 4 tickets to today's game. Section 23 - $25/each (access to commonwealth room) Bowe St parking deck pass included. PM if interested.
  17. isthisthedagger

    FS: 2 Gen Admission for Tonight

    $50 for pair. PM if interested.
  18. isthisthedagger

    1 for Buffalo

    Section 32. $10 PM if interested
  19. isthisthedagger

    A10 All-Session Tickets on Craigslist ($70)

    Great deal for those who haven't bought tickets yet:
  20. isthisthedagger

    [FOUND] Looking for 1 for Davidson

    The game is now sold out and I can't get a ticket through the box office. If anyone has an extra that they won't be using, I will be happy to buy it. Thanks