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  1. isthisthedagger

    The 2020-21 Men's Basketball Tournament

    There are still a few left on third party sites, but the resell prices have been hiked from the original $40 on Ticketmaster:
  2. isthisthedagger

    Selling 2 GA for GW - SOLD

    Two GA tickets for Saturday - $10 each
  3. isthisthedagger

    SOLD: VCU Loyola

    Selling 2 tickets for Sunday. Section 24 row C, on the aisle. $30 each
  4. isthisthedagger

    2 For Missouri St - SOLD

    Selling 2 GA tickets for Missouri State, $10 each
  5. isthisthedagger

    Cyber Monday: VCU @ GMU

    Just a heads up for those planning on making the trip: George Mason is running a 50% Cyber Monday deal for all January games, which includes VCU. Tickets are $7.50 before fees with promo code JAN50. Go Rams
  6. isthisthedagger

    SOLD Alabama St. Tix

    SOLD Due to a miscommunication with out-of-town holiday guests, I have 4 extra GA tickets to Alabama State on Monday. Looking to get $25/pair or $50/total, less than what they are from Athletics. Thanks!
  7. isthisthedagger

    ISO 1 for UCF

    If someone in your group bailed and you have a single, let me know. Would like to avoid the online fees if possible. Go Rams
  8. isthisthedagger

    2019 A10 Season Awards

    Look for a motivated MSS to average 15 and 15 this weekend.
  9. isthisthedagger

    League 2019 A-10 Tournament

    Just got this email from Fordham. They are offering $125 all-session booklets through 2/24. Great deal for people who want to go other games besides VCU.
  10. isthisthedagger

    HATE WEEK PART ONE: The 2019 Official Beat Fur in the Animal Thread

    I just uploaded the 2015 game at Barclays:
  11. isthisthedagger

    A-10 tournament train

    I guess Robby is pretty confident he won’t be calling the Thursday 2:30 game for a 5-seed VCU
  12. isthisthedagger

    Should we even have a home and home with UR?

    Should we even have gold rush dancers anymore?
  13. isthisthedagger

    STU Aisle Walkers/Stoppage in Play

    On a related note, had my shirt tugged from behind twice last night to sit down following a big play/moment. I made sure to only stand when the people in front of me stood, but that still wasn't satisfactory. Then they left at the under 4.
  14. isthisthedagger

    The Official Beat the FU Rams in NYC for 2019 Thread

    I know the gym is historical, etc. but there were some strange quirks when I drove up last year. They don't scan tickets because the concession stands and only bathroom are located outside of the actual gym in the lobby, so you have to re-enter/show your ticket every time you need to go. Also...
  15. isthisthedagger

    The Official Beat The Texas Longhorns Thread

    I really liked that VCU tried to make someone besides Roach take the last shot. I know he was having a bad game, but I like when teams take away the best player at the end (read: Shamorie Ponds). Also Roach clearly pushed off of Vann, and it almost cost us. But he used it to create plenty of...
  16. isthisthedagger

    The Official Beat The Texas Longhorns Thread

    MSS was great, but PJ Byrd gave us HUGE minutes of controlled, smart ball.
  17. isthisthedagger

    Official Fodu Thread

    Highlights from two years ago. What caught my attention was how many times Jenkins drove and scored. Need that mentality from him again tomorrow.
  18. isthisthedagger

    Tough loss

    That game would have been huge for our NCAAT chances, and it was taken from us. You can't say "oh, there were missed calls on both sides" or "we had 22 turnovers". The fact is the refs swallowed their whistles in the most important moment of the game because they didn't want to "decide" the...