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  1. majidrazvi

    Nba 2k15

    Is anyone playing it? I was thinking about picking it up -- would be my first game in the 2K franchise.
  2. majidrazvi

    Looking For Single-game Tickets

    Hey y'all, If any lovely souls want to part with some tickets for reasonable prices, I am in the market for two (2) tickets to any of these games: UVA (Sat, 12/6) -- (I get that this one is a long shot!) UNI (Sat, 12/13) SJU (Sat, 1/10) UMASS (Sat, 2/21) Dayton (Sat, 2/28) GMU (Sat, 3/7)...
  3. majidrazvi

    Write About College Hoops For Fansided

    All -- Someone on r/cbb just posted a request for contributors. Rather than regurgitating the details here, please instead see: Please note that I have no affiliation whatsoever with this...
  4. majidrazvi

    You know what makes the off-season better?

    The on-season. ;) To that end, these are VCU games you can watch online. 2013/14 Season A10 All-Access Premium: vs Illinois State vs Winthrop vs Eastern Kentucky vs Old Dominion vs Wofford vs Stony Brook WatchESPN...
  5. majidrazvi

    Havoc Haikus

    Inspired by an r/cbb thread of the same ilk. shaka smart's havoc took two-stars to final four. now we have four-stars! (Reminder: a standard haiku is 5/7/5 syllables.)
  6. majidrazvi

    99 problems but x ain't one.

    Inspired by this comment from @havocufear : Fill in the blank: "I worry about plenty of VCU basketball related things but _____ is not one of them". Alternatively: berate me for a silly post and post animated gifs.
  7. majidrazvi

    10,000 Simulations of the Remainder of A10 Play

    /u/boneillhawk runs these numbers over on /r/Atlantic10. Find it here, or see below: {edit: readability/formatting}
  8. majidrazvi

    The 2013-14 Bucket List

    The premise of this thread is simple: what are you hoping to see this season? This is vague, and intentionally so. General/Games I want to see VCU ranked top-10 in both polls. I want to see in-state victories against UVA, because they're good, and VT, because they're ACC. (ODU meets neither of...
  9. majidrazvi

    Off-season Day-dreaming: What 5-man combination are you most excited to see this season?

    There are ~3000 combinations of 5 players that can be made from a 15-player set. Which of these has got you ripping your hair out* waiting for November? *Apologies to those of you without hair.
  10. majidrazvi

    50-page presentation on Havoc

    Link to pdf: Link to Reddit thread: edit: Just found this, also:
  11. majidrazvi

    Post on Xavier board: VCU's "havoc" may get some help from the refs edit: Also, Your thoughts? Legitimate complaint? Should be interesting to see how this season plays out, in more ways than one.
  12. majidrazvi

    Questions about the Stu

    Hey all, I'm trying to decide if StubHub prices are worth it -- to that end, some questions! 1. How do GA and SRO work? 2. Are there any sections that aren't worth it, in terms of visibility/comfort/whatever? Thanks.
  13. majidrazvi

    Looking for blogs to help fill down-time at work.

    Hey all, Happy Impending New Year! I was hoping to find some suggestions for some blogs to read while it's slow at work. Specifically, I'd like some reading material on VCU-, A10-, and DI Basketball (in that order). My list is currently as follows: