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  1. Wolfpack Ram

    2020-21 VCU OOC Schedule

    So, the fodu game is on, based on the schedule, to be played 12/12 @ 5:00PM at the Stu and be televised by NBCSN. fmason is also playing JMU at the Stu that same day, and then fodu at the Stu 12/13. My guess is VCU will play JMU at the Stu 12/13 as part of two day doubleheaders. The OOC...
  2. Wolfpack Ram

    VCU Bookstore

    Went into the VCU Bookstore today to check out the apparel. Let's just say I was extremely disappointed. Very little Nike apparel, but lots more off-brand apparel. They are selling a baseball jersey, but the sizes only go to "XL", and it's an off-brand jersey. I noticed last year that the...
  3. Wolfpack Ram

    College Basketball Activities to Resume June 1st

    The NCAA Council voted today to allow football, men's basketball and women's basketball to resume voluntary activities beginning June 1. Below is a link to the article from
  4. Wolfpack Ram

    2020 A-10/MWC Challenge

    So, I was looking at the current standings of both the A-10 and the MWC to see where teams are currently ranked in their respective leagues. Ten teams from each conference will play in the Challenge. Below are the match ups for next year, along with their current league standing: Tuesday...
  5. Wolfpack Ram

    There are Only Two Big Time Programs in the A-10

    Ok! I'm watching Davidson at Rhode Island and also the fmason vs. SBU game, and it just hit me. URI has tons of emty seats tonight and fmason is a cavern. There are only two big time programs in the A-10 and they are Dayton and VCU. Not mean't to be a "I'm better than you" comment, but which...
  6. Wolfpack Ram

    VCU/fmason Tickets @ fmason

    I got this e-mail earlier today from fmason regarding buying tickets to the VCU/fmason "rivalry". How funny is this!!! And, how sad it is for the fmason basketball program. Talking about capitalizing on their Final Four run!!! :lol: :lol::lol: Hi *********, My name is Patrick Gotimer and...
  7. Wolfpack Ram

    2 Tickets for Sale - Missouri State Game - Section 6, Row O

    2 tickets for sale for the Missouri State game. Section 6, Row O, Seats 4,5. Mid court seats with Commonwealth Room access. $60 for the pair. PM me if interested.
  8. Wolfpack Ram

    2 Tickets to Alabama State - Section 6 - Mid Court

    I have two tickets for sale to tonight's game against Alabama State. Section 6, Row O, Seats 4-5. Mid court. Includes access to the Commonwealth Room. $50 for the pair. PM me if interested.
  9. Wolfpack Ram

    Thoughts and Prayers For Robby Robinson

    Thoughts and prayers for Robby Robinson and his family as his mother passed away Monday evening. Ram Nation is thinking about you Robby. May your mom find peace and happiness in her next journey.
  10. Wolfpack Ram

    6 Schools to be Notified of Serious Violations

    Kind of off topic, but not really. In June the NCAA announced that they expected "at least six Division I men's basketball programs will receive notices of allegations for Level I violations, the most serious infractions under NCAA rules, as a result of the federal government's investigation...
  11. Wolfpack Ram

    NCAA Tournament Ticket Allotment per School

    The current NCAA Tournament ticket allotment per school for the first and second rounds is 450 tickets per school. Schools only get tickets to the session they are playing in. There are four schools in each session. That means participating schools ONLY receive 1,800 tickets per session...
  12. Wolfpack Ram

    2 Tickets to St. Joe's Game - Section 6, Row O - Near Mid Court

    2 tickets for sale. $30 each. PM me if interested.
  13. Wolfpack Ram

    ACC Announces 20-Game Conference Schedule

    The ACC announced yesterday match ups for their 20-game regular season schedule that starts next year. All P5 conferences will eventually go to a 20-game regular season schedule. This is going to...
  14. Wolfpack Ram

    Two tickets to Dayton Game - Section 6, Row O, Seats 4-5, mid court

    I have two tickets to the Dayton game for sale. Section 6, Row O, Seats 4-5. Almost at mid court. $60 for the pair. No singles. PM me if interested.
  15. Wolfpack Ram

    Big East Expansion?

    Below are links to a couple of articles that were published over the last couple of days talking about potential Big East expansion.
  16. Wolfpack Ram

    Dr. Richard Sander Establishes TopConnect

    Maybe a little off topic, but former VCU AD Dick Sander has started a new version of Villa 7, which was his creation along with Mike Ellis, while at VCU. This one is called TopConnect and the first conference was held at UNLV. VCU's current AD, Ed McLaughlin, participated in the that...
  17. Wolfpack Ram

    2018 A-10 Men's Basketball Attendance Records

    FYI - Below are the 2018 A-10 men's basketball average attendance records. Overall, the A-10 finished 9th in the country with an average attendance of 4,853. The average attendance for the A-10 Tournament was 7,102. Below is the link to the NCAA data...
  18. Wolfpack Ram

    The Coaching Carousel Impact on the A-10

    Danny Hurley is being courted big time by Pitt and UConn. Word is Pitt offered Hurley $3 million per year. UConn closer to $2 million, but have since upped their offer. Rhode Island trying to make a counter offer, including a new practice facility. Now the Louisville job is open...
  19. Wolfpack Ram

    Two Tickets to Davidson Game - Section 6

    I have two tickets for sale to the Davidson game. Section 6, Row O. Almost midcourt seats. $60 for the pair. Includes admission to Commonwealth Room. Will not split up tickets. PM me if interested.
  20. Wolfpack Ram

    Epps' VCU Mailbag

    I just want to say what a great job Wayne Epps, Jr. is doing covering the VCU Rams for the Richmond Time-Dispatch. Lot's of great coverage/articles. Really informative information, including articles about the individual players and the team in general. Unlike John O'Connor, who covers fur...