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    VCU First Four to Final Four 9th Anniversary

    Hard to believe that it's been 9 years ago today that we finished our magical run from the First Four to the Final Four. What an amazing time it was. I know there are videos out there, so please post 'em and we can reminisce about those wonderful times as we're all stuck at home. For me, I'll...
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    20 Years of the Stu - 11/19/1999 to 11/19/2019

    What are some of your favorite memories at The Stu as we celebrate it's 20th anniversary today?
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    Band Days 2017: Givin' Northern Schools the Blues

    Howdy Ramnation, It's that time of year again to sign up the kiddies for our annual High School & Alumni and Middle School Band Days. This year, we'll be hosting High School & Alumni Band day first on Saturday December 16th as our Men's Basketball Team takes on Bucknell where we show 'em that...
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    Looking for a pair for La Salle

    Canceling my request. My mom's got shingles and my parents decided that it would be best if she stays home. If they're up to coming down in February I'll reach out to you all again. Thanks! Evening Ram Nation, I'm looking to see if anyone out there has a pair of tickets for the La Salle game...
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    Band Days 2016: This Time, It's Musical

    Howdy RamNation. So, it's that time of year again where we finally have the dates for our Middle School as well as High School/Alumni Band Days. This Year, we'll be hosting our young Middle School Students on Sunday, December 11th when our Women's team takes on UNC Greensboro and shows them...
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    Broad Street Mile - Street Closings 9/24/16

    Howdy Folks, Just wanted to remind everyone that the Broad Street Mile is going to be happening this weekend with the Peppas camped out right at the start/finish line. There are going to be street closings, so if you have any plans other then checking it out around the area, click below to see...
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    Join the 2016/17 VCU Pep Band

    Interest Meeting is Monday August 29th at 7PM at The Stu in the Auxiliary Gym. Open to Students, Staff, Alumni, and Faculty alike. Fill out this form : Or contact the band at
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    News A new tradition: VCU Alumni adopts the university's first alma mater. "We Gather Here" Lyrics: Monty Kier | Music: Andrew Kier We gather here, our voices raise, of VCU we sing our praise, the Black and Gold our colors show, diversity and value grow. We’ve learned so much...
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    A10 Tournament to remain at the Brown Spaceship for 2017 & 2018

    So the A10 and RVA have announced that the WBB Tournament will remain at the Coliseum for the next two years. Unlike the last 3 the tournament will be only held 3 days here but all teams will still play, with the lower seeds playing at home before the come to Richmond. For example, if this...
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    What is HAVOC?

    What is Havoc? Havoc is a word, part of a simple phrase that a Smart young coach mentioned in passing during his introduction as the head of VCU Men’s Basketball. What is Havoc? Havoc is support. This is the growing support that the crowd shows the team, as an already growing success was...
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    High School & Alumni Band Day Jan 10th The Peppas vs. SJU’s Roasted Chicken

    Good Day Ramnation, Coming up very quickly will be our High School and Alumni Band Day, and this year it so happens to be the game where the opposition brings that turkey reject with them everywhere they go, and boy do we love to heckle the bird. While the game is on the 10th, unlike years...
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    Rockin' Recipes

    So, as I was cooking dinner tonight and perusing over Ram Nation and I thought: "Hay, I wonder what kind of Recipes my fellow Ram Fans have and are willing to share." Personally, I enjoy cooking and I enjoy good food plus I am always willing to try something different so I'm always looking for...
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    all is good, for now...
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    The Peppas Upcomming Band Days!

    Howdy Ramnation! So, this year The Peppas are having not one, but two band days with the first one rapidly approaching us. The first one is the VCU Pep Band Middle School Band Day and will be on December 22 during the Woman's game against Florida A&M. This is free for any participants and we...
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    News Fourth Annual Black and Gold Ball - Friday October 11th The VCU Athletic Department invites you to join us on Friday, Oct. 11, at the 4th Annual Markel Black & Gold Ball presented by D&H Construction, for a night of music, dancing and entertainment. When: 8 p.m.-12 a.m. Friday, Oct. 11, 2013...
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    News So, who's ready for the FURY

    Fear the Fury Fury is a high-powered, high-scoring, relentless, disciplined and fun style of play. Our goal is to never leave the offensive end of the floor until we have done everything in our power to put the ball in the basket. "Fury is an up-tempo, offensive-minded style that players...
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    Interactive Virtual Seating Chart of the Verizon Wireless Arena
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    News It’s Official; No More Dilly-dallying in the Backcourt.

    Looks like the NCAA has finally added the 10 second rule to Women's Basketball... "The NCAA gave formal approval Monday to a recommendation that the 10-seconds-in-the-backcourt rule, long a fixture at virtually every other level of organized basketball in the United States, be added to the...
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    Interactive Virtual Seating Chart of the Havoc Dome RICHMOND, Va. – VCU Athletics is pleased to announce that the interactive Verizon Wireless Arena seating map is now available. To provide this service, VCU has...
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    VCU vs. Rhode Island & La Salle vs. St. Bonaventure

    So, two things need to occur tomorrow for our Lovely Lady Rams to make it to the Women’s A10 tournament, and that is 1) We have to win and 2) La Sella has to loose. Now, the La Sella/St. Bonaventure game starts at 1 while the VCU/Rhode Island game starts at 2 so we should know our chances of...