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  1. ramfan84

    Friday, November 19th, 1999 The first Game at the Siegel Center. VCU vs Louisville

    Who was there for the greatest comeback in the history of the building?
  2. ramfan84

    A Message From Alien Aiden

    As per arrangement, I will see you in a month. But # it didn't count.
  3. ramfan84


    I for one am terribly disappointed at the selection of VCU gear available at the bookstore. Sure they have a bunch of stuff, mainly because it's awful. They have about 15 or 20 T-shirts (all the same but different logos, some from 5 years ago) Hey if something does not sell, why keep buying the...
  4. ramfan84

    Is Siegel Center Floor one of the Worst you have ever seen?

    Is it just me, or is the Siegel Center's floor one of the worst courts in all of basketball? Every game you see there are at least 5 to 10 times a game where a player slips or just loses his footing. I always thought it was because the little kids they have mopping the floor were just "not up to...