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  1. RamsFan1974

    Burning Question

    Wonder if we will be included in “One Shining Moment”.
  2. RamsFan1974

    ESPN starting to irritate me this morning.........

    They are replaying and generally gushing over Obi's dunk against North Fl. It is a nice dunk but does not top Keshawn's "Dr. J" style gem he pulled off earlier this year.
  3. RamsFan1974

    Dayton vs North Texas Tonight

    Sorry if already posted but Dayton is playing the Mean Green tonight at 7 via ESPN+
  4. RamsFan1974

    Some therapeutic memories this Morning

    As therapy for dealing with last night's loss to UCF, allow me to list my memories of good times provided by the Rams in my 46 years of being a fan. Beating Minnesota in the Franklin St gym 1970 Finally beating UR after starting 0-5 The sheer beauty of Reggie Cain's jumper A Kendrick Warren dunk...
  5. RamsFan1974

    Comment by WVU fan.Debated on whether this was worth sharing

    Obviously decided to share it . Was in a sports bar where I stopped for the night while traveling thru West Va. Guy next to me was a WVU fan and was speculating about his team playing Texas in the league tournament. I offered up that they were coached by a former coach of my team and that we had...
  6. RamsFan1974

    Notes re LaSalle and URI

    LaSalle: 10-20 Beat Them 69-63 Jan 9 lost the temple by 8 in November started season 0 - 10 lost by 12 to Grand Canyon beat Davidson by 10 lost 70-39 to Dayton leading scorer is guard Pookie Powell 15.2, 3 point percentage 35.3 assists 377 turnovers 422 fga 748 fgm 252 33.7% fta 499 ftm 382...
  7. RamsFan1974

    Jerry Palm Bracket Projection and Comment from Spider Fan

    7 seed as was mentioned earlier. Playing Florida in Jacksonville, with UNC likely next. Comment made to me by a Spider fan in all seriousness and he hadn't been drinking,..............If Texas cans Shaka, UR is going to go after him hot and heavy. Thought I would pass it along for entertainment...
  8. RamsFan1974

    Davidson or Us-who has the easier schedule from here?

    Them Dayton Home URI away Lasalle away Fordham home St Bona home Richmond away US URI home GW home St Louis home Richmond away GMU away St Joe's home
  9. RamsFan1974 You guys seen this site?
  10. RamsFan1974

    Shooting Practice in the Wade Arena

    I heard Coach Wade say that the team took some shooting drills in the Wade Arena before a recent game. I am curious: do you think the team shooting would be better if they devoted at least a portion of daily practice to shooting where the games are played? Considerations: Shootarounds done on...