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    Supreme Court Decision on College Athlete compensation

    A unanimous Supreme Court said on Monday that student athletes could receive education-related payments in a case that could reshape college sports by allowing more money from a billion-dollar industry to go to the players. Justice Neil Gorsuch delivered the opinion of the court.
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    Recruiting 2023 CG Johnathan Lamothe Player Evaluatiom

    @pointguardeyes put out another outstanding evaluation on Jahnathan Lamothe. Enjoy!
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    Recruiting VCU Prospect Summer Campus Visit Schedule

    '22 SF Justyn Fernández (UV) - June 2nd 22' SF Alphonso "Fatts" Billups(UV) - June 4th '22 PF Michael Moore(UV) - June 4th? (est.) '22 PF Christian Fermin(OV)- June 9th - 11th '22 PF Maliq Brown(UV?) - June 13th '22 CG Donald Hand Jr.(UV) - June 18th Weekend '22 or '23 Robert Davis Jr. - June...
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    New Elite High School Basketball Conference
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    Recruiting 2024 OFFERs

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    Welcome Marcus Tsohonis!!!

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    The Joey Rodriguez Interview

    Great interview First hand acct of how he got recruited to.vcu and what happened with the rollins situation.. the grueling atmosphere of franklin street.gym...just a.great interview.
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    Vcu oregon game simulation

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    Oregon VCU press conference on March 20th

    Place holder
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    10 years ago..this march..

    This came up in my youtube feed.
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    THE OFFICIAL BEAT THE GOOMOOS AT THE STU THREAD I figured I'd give BigE a break... Let's get this done.
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    Arnold Henderson, Cmon down!!

    If Torey Burston can do can Arnold!!@
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    Recruiting 2023 offers

    PG Xzayvier Brown Lawrent Rice Braelon Green London Johnson Solomon Ball Trevor Smith Elmarko Jackson Rahmir Barno SG Deshawn Harris-Smith James Johns Jr Steve Stinson Jr John Blackwell Jahnathan Lamothe SF Justin Edwards Dennis Parker III Curtis Williams Jr. Mohamed Dioubate Tyler Bey...
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    Recruiting Survey: Would the 10-11 Final Four Team won the NC if Larry Sanders Stayed?

    We would have been seeded higher. I dont kmow if we would had the focus or motivation to make that tournament run. Bonus: How would the FF team matched up against last year's Obi Toppin Team?
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    A10 Tournament could be moved to VCU!!! VCU’s Siegel Center has emerged as an option for the A-10 men’s basketball tournament if the league determines...
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    Top 5 most explosive dunkers in VCU history.

    This team has the most hops of any one in recent memory. It got me thinking. Who are the 5 most Explosive dunkers in VCU history. Not necessarily the most creative...the ones who can get up the quickest in traffic. Here are the top 5 which I can remember. 1. Kendrick Warren 2. Justin...