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  1. Half-baked Mcbride

    VCU Baseball 2021

    Well, not sure how the season will unfold....but here's a list of new faces (both frosh and transfers)
  2. Half-baked Mcbride

    Is this VCU's best Team Defense in a decade?

    #1 in the country Points Off Turnovers Top 10 in Turnovers Forced Top 10 in Steals per Game Top 15 in Steals Top 20 in Defensive Rating Is this the best VCU D in the last decade?
  3. Half-baked Mcbride

    Joel and Ethan Coen deserve their own thread

    Tribute to The Coen's click above....I DARE you NOT to be moved. My God, such filmakers......such a vast body of work.....
  4. Half-baked Mcbride

    Malik Crowfield DESERVES his own thread

    Crow has come a long way in 3 seasons as a Ram and VCU DOES NOT with that game @richmond without his contributions!!!! He has absolutely tightened his handle (only 13 turnovers) His defense is light years improved from year's 1 & 2 3 point stroke??? Seems like he's found the groove...let's hope...
  5. Half-baked Mcbride

    2019 Season

    Opening Day Today at 4pm vs. Coastal Carolina!!! Followed my Campbell and Maryland Should be a nice weekend for VCU Baseball!!!!
  6. Half-baked Mcbride

    Mac McCarty Collegiate Baseball's 2nd Team All American Congrats Mac!!!! btw...Game 1 February 15th vs Coastal Carolina!!!
  7. Half-baked Mcbride

    Most Maddening and Depressing Rams Losses Poll

    I know the Mason debacle is fresh in everyones' let's squeeze some lemon juice into the gaping wound of our ever-Rams-loving souls.........
  8. Half-baked Mcbride

    De'Riante Jenkins Appreciation Thread

    NICE coming out party tonight!!!! Double-Double!!!! Gettin buckets, gettin boards....doin a little bit of everything. Only took 3 games to earn your own thread young man!!!
  9. Half-baked Mcbride

    2016 VCU Baseball Commits

    Perfect Game does a fine job of tracking D1 is our commitment list or incoming freshman. Still not sure where to find JC transfers good mix of positions....Sounds like Steven Carpenter (SS) is our...
  10. Half-baked Mcbride

    VCU Basebball Sub Forum...Opening day tomorrow!!!

    I know it's bad form to muddy the basketball/baseball waters....but I just wanted to remind folks who enjoy baseball to take a stroll down to the VCU Baseball subforum as the Rams take on Kennesaw St. tomorrow at 4pm followed by GSU on Sat. and Ga Tech on Sun...
  11. Half-baked Mcbride

    2015-2016 AP/Coaches Poll Thread

    I'm gonna be honest, not a fan of the Respect in the Polls team new polls new thread!!! 6 votes in the Coaches Poll Some voter love...
  12. Half-baked Mcbride

    Meet your 2015 VCU Baseball Transfers

    VCU has 6 transfers all coming in as Juniors 5 of them pitchers...which is GREAT, as the rotation and bullpen were savaged by graduation. The Rams return 3 guys (is that right!?!?!) who logged any innings last season Brett Hileman...1 inning Garrett Pearson...9.1 innings Sean Thompson...64.2...
  13. Half-baked Mcbride

    Meet your 2015 VCU Baseball Freshman

    Rare is the VCU freshman that makes an immediate impact, but with the pitching staff recovering from a number of graduated players...there are a few guys who may pitch some serious innings. Cook (SS) looks like a REAL solid SS and with the loss of Vimael Machin, could get some PT if he shows the...
  14. Half-baked Mcbride

    Summer League Rams

    I've been digging around and have found a handful of Rams in action this MY Valley League Waynesboro Generals Shane Dressler (1B) Ryan Coale (C) Charlottesville TomSox Matt Jamer Couldn't find any Rams in the...
  15. Half-baked Mcbride

    2015 MLB Amatuer Draft....VCU or otherwise

    well seam-heads...the MLB draft is tomorrow (June 8th)...and I couldn't be more excited. I friggin love the baseball draft. I've spent hours going over Busts, Grinders, Naturals, Career Minor guys chasing the dream, and everyone else in between (except JD Drew) So let's use this thread mainly...
  16. Half-baked Mcbride

    Star Wars...The Force Awakens

    I literally want to invent a time machine for the sole purpose of jumping ahead to December of this year...NOT to stop Hitler, NOT to have sex with Cleopatra, and NOT to collect the tears of Marcus and Markieff Morris post VCU, for THIS
  17. Half-baked Mcbride

    Tyron McCoy circus shot in Germany!!!

    Look, I didn't know where else to put this on the main boards, but McCoy was MONEY!!!! He was on my 1st VCU team in 1992-93.....LOVED his game.
  18. Half-baked Mcbride

    It's raining sh#t on Tom Crean at IU WOW.....It's not too late to bring Bobby Knight back:lol: Seriously, I have a hard time seeing him at IU next year....those boosters CAN'T be happy about any of this.
  19. Half-baked Mcbride

    Nashville Downtown....Where to go!?!??!

    Hello Ram Fans, I'm off to Nashville this Wednesday to attend a music conference and I'll be staying in Downtown Nashville....anyone got any MUST GO's the one place I'm SURE of is Flying Saucer Draught Emporium. many thanks
  20. Half-baked Mcbride

    Litos Post Thread YEA!!!!!
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