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  1. Rambler

    VCU vs Illinois in Miami

    If you're aware of anyone that purchased tickets to the VCU vs Illinois game in Miami that is no longer planning to attend the game and is willing to give away their tickets for free, I'd love to have them. I reside in the Naples, FL area and have a party of 2-4 that would welcome an...
  2. Rambler

    New Waterfront Home - Northern Neck / Chesapeake Bay

    WILLING TO CONSIDER LONG-TERM LEASE OR LEASE-PURCHASE OPTION. List price - $975K (originally $1.3M) Long-term lease (1 year minimum) or lease-purchase - $2,500/month VIRTUAL TOUR: 4200ft² - New Waterfront Home - Northern Neck / Chesapeake Bay - Deep...
  3. Rambler

    New Waterfront Home - Northern Neck / Chesapeake Bay

    $975000 / 4br - New Waterfront Home - Northern Neck / Chesapeake Bay - Private Deep Water Pier - Wicomico Church, VA (1 hour from Richmond) THIS HOME IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AND OFFERS 5+' MLW, PIER, AND BREATH-TAKING VIEWS OF CRANES CREEK & CHESAPEAKE BAY. HOME HAS OPEN FLOOR PLAN WITH SPACIOUS...
  4. Rambler


    Andy Katz just reported that Shaka should be their leading candidate.
  5. Rambler

    VCU Apparel

    Our online team store has a small selection of Sweet 16 t-shirts for sale. The logo on the yellow VCU Rams Sweet 16 t-shirt is too large for my taste. I'd like to see some other patterns. Is anyone aware of another online store that would have a better variety to choose from? I'd like a...
  6. Rambler


    VCU can come out smelling like roses today if Tennessee can beat Villanova. LETS-GO-VCU!!!
  7. Rambler

    $59.99 To Watch Live Webcasts of Men's Basketball Games

    According to our new and improved website, it will now cost $59.99 to watch live webcasts of the Men's Basketball games this season! Let the good times roll! :x
  8. Rambler

    Football would cost FGCU up to $144 million

    Florida Gulf Coast University held their first class 13 years ago and now has an enrollment around 13K. They already have very nice facilities in place for their althetic progams. This afternoon, I learned that they will be conducting a study to add a college football team. If approved, the...
  9. Rambler

    Have we extended an offer to this kid yet?

    Meet Jaylin Fleming, the best 10-year-old hoops player in America By Chris Chase Jaylin Fleming is a fifth-grader from Chicago. Like most boys his age, he enjoys playing basketball. There's one slight difference between Fleming and the others, though: They aren't considered the best 10-year-old...
  10. Rambler


    Hey Rams fans, I’m currently assisting a client with their search for an Associate Principal Architect to join their growing firm in Vienna, VA. My client would like to identify a candidate that has significant business development experience. They want someone who knows the Washington DC...
  11. Rambler

    Mascot Madness at FGCU

    I just saw this on our local news...the mascot at Florida Gulf Coast University wins $1,000.00 for books next semester for hitting a shot from 65 feet away with the shot clock winding down. YouTube video below... Wish VCU would schedule a home/home...
  12. Rambler

    Siegel Center Experience

    VCU Athletics posted a fantastic video on YouTube this morning...Siegel Center Experience. Check it out... It really is a great time to be a Rams fan!
  13. Rambler

    Reco McCarter Posterizes CJ Leslie in 4th Quarter

    This clip of Reco McCarter was posted on YouTube yesterday, 12/03/2009. Enjoy!
  14. Rambler

    NFL Webcasts

    I noticed that many of the NFL pre-season games were streamed online through various outlets. I reside in Southwest Florida and was able to see all of the Redskins pre-season games via online streaming video. However, the regular season starts next week and I'm concerned that the Redskins...
  15. Rambler

    Conference Affiliation

    Per Marcus' request...I have started a new topic regarding our conference affiliation. My previous post... I attended VCU during the Metro Conference years. As I mentioned previously, we did not win any tournament championships or receive any bids to the NCAA Tourney during those years. There...
  16. Rambler

    DB...we need an update

    Any new developments to share with us? After several days of bad news regarding potential recruits...we need some good news! Thanks!
  17. Rambler

    VCU Basketball Jersey

    I've been trying for years to purchase a quality VCU Basketball Jersey but have not been able to find them anywhere. I understand that the VCU bookstore sold a jersey a couple of years ago but many that posted on the CAA Zone indicated that they did not look good so I did not purchase. I no...
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