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  1. KentuckyRam

    Recruiting Transfer Market

    He would make a great TE if he wants to change sports.
  2. KentuckyRam

    Welcome Marcus Tsohonis!!!
  3. KentuckyRam

    Welcome Jimmy Nichols! Block and 2 dunks
  4. KentuckyRam

    Recruiting Transfer Market Final three were Providence, SC, and Miami. Among those in that group were Arizona State, Georgetown, Nebraska, Old Dominion, Rhode Island, Rice, Rutgers, VCU and Kansas State.
  5. KentuckyRam

    21-22 Opponent Tracking Thread

    Instant offense.
  6. KentuckyRam

    The Official Off Season Thread

    Spider basketball minus Gilyard
  7. KentuckyRam

    Recruiting Transfer Market

    New competition from TT.
  8. KentuckyRam

    VCU Media Mentions

    No bad effects after second Moderna yet. Two weeks.
  9. KentuckyRam

    Who are your top 10 VCU dunkers of all-time?

    Were the players allowed to dunk in warm ups?
  10. KentuckyRam

    Who are your top 10 VCU dunkers of all-time?

    67-76. Guess that got Jabo as well.
  11. KentuckyRam

    Players Welcome the Rams, Tre Clark!

    I assume he is in school but never did see anything on their basketball web site. Last checked a month ago.
  12. KentuckyRam

    Recruiting Transfer Market

    too bad
  13. KentuckyRam

    Recruiting Transfer Market

    And Ward.
  14. KentuckyRam

    Rams land 7’1 transfer big, Brendan Medley-Bacon

    Cronin's success at UCLA adds fuel to the fire. It will be interesting to see what comes after the one and dones era.
  15. KentuckyRam

    Recruiting Transfer Market

    The coach that recruited him got fired. I would assume that the new coach still wants him and will try to keep him. He could help us.
  16. KentuckyRam

    Staff Shaka to Marquette (#DoneDeal)

    Leaving on a Jet Plane Peter, Paul and Mary All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go I'm standing here outside your door I hate to wake you up to say goodbye But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn Texas's waiting, he's blowin' his horn Already I'm so lonesome I could cry
  17. KentuckyRam

    Coaching Rumors (the Mike Rhoades edition)

    Do you mean the part where he says the most important part of the search is finding a person with "Integrity". Hope it is not Bennett.
  18. KentuckyRam

    Coaching Rumors (the Mike Rhoades edition)

    Would not be a surprise to see Rhoades mentioned for UNC.
  19. KentuckyRam

    Players Jalen DeLoach is a VCU Ram

    Wish he could have brought Wright along.
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