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  1. LLLeopold

    Tickets for Cincinnati Game

    I have family in town on the 19th and some want to see their first VCU game. If anyone has 2 or 4 tickets available please let me know. Thanks and GO Rams!
  2. LLLeopold

    Joe's Inn Bon Air Tonight

    Bob Black is hosting the Spider Weekly show tonight at Joe's Inn Bon Air. As a show of support for our rivalry we should show up for a little pre-game mixer with Spider fans.
  3. LLLeopold

    HAVOC Headbands

    Section 8 is starting a new tradition - every time Bri enters the game we put on headbands in a show of support and respect. You can choose from black, gold and white. This makes a great statement and will fire us up even more. Now's the time to get on the headbandwagon! (Sorry, couldn't...
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