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  1. RamStrut

    Is beer sold at the baseball games?

    I went to the UVA game last year but didn't even check. Is beer sold at the VCU baseball games?
  2. RamStrut

    This years' NIT rules experimentation

    * The three-point line will be extended by approximately 1 foot 8 inches to the same distance used by FIBA for international competition (22 feet 1.75 inches). * The free throw lane will be widened from 12 feet to 16 feet, consistent with the width used by the NBA. * The games will be divided...
  3. RamStrut

    Fans attending tonight...

    This has potential to be an epic fail but I know there is a movement on one of the Facebook pages and Pav, MM, and Swiss are attempting to spread the word a bit. The idea is for during introductions when the lights are off in the arena, for everyone to take out there cell phone and turn on the...
  4. RamStrut

    3 tickets for Sunday 2k classic

    I've got 3 tickets available to sell (face or best offer) for both Friday's games and Sunday's games (so 6 tickets all together but can certainly be sold separately) at Madison Square Garden for the 2k sports classic. All games are included. Friday's tickets location: 200 level upper center 211...
  5. RamStrut

    The JRod appreciation thread

    It's time. Director of basketball operations, video assistant, whatever. Joey has done so much for this basketball program and university and like everything else he will shine on the staff. Go VCU!
  6. RamStrut

    Belmont Chant when Lewis had the ball

    This probably doesn't deserve it's own thread but I wasn't sure where to ask. I am just curious what the Belmont fans were chanting every time Lewis touched the ball?
  7. RamStrut

    Refs weren't that bad.

    I see a lot of folks complaining about the refs last night. I didn't think they were bad at all. The only thing that I really had somewhat of a problem with was the fans or whoever that was throwing whatever they threw at Shaka and not giving a technical after the first warning. A lot of...
  8. RamStrut

    Bring on the haters but Go Wolfpack tonight!

    I know a lot of yall loathe how many of us here grew up as State fans until we attended VCU and how we still hold on to our allegiance with The Pack. I am ready for all of the " :? " and the " :roll: " and that's ok. NCSU vs Duke in Cameron tonight. Anyways since VCU isn't on tonight and I...
  9. RamStrut

    Did they really try to rush the court?

  10. RamStrut

    Getting some votes

    Not sure if this was posted but noticed we got 3 votes for top 25. Pretty cool. Drexel received 11. ETA: This was the ESPN/USA Today Coach's Poll.
  11. RamStrut

    I'll take my Crow Well Done please

    After the Bama game and previous games I stated some criticism with Darius. He proved me wrong big time last night. Zero turnovers being my favorite stat. I knew he had tons of potential though and he showed that with some incredible moves/drives for lay ups. He controlled the game greatly...
  12. RamStrut

    The Positives

    The postives of this Charleston Classic for VCU is that our crowd and our band really have been bringing it! We looked really good on ESPN and the announcers kept mentioning how well we traveled for this tournament. Kudos to the fans and the band who made the trip. We blew the Seton Hall and...
  13. RamStrut

    R.I.P Macho Man

    :cry: :cry: :cry:
  14. RamStrut

    VCU Final Four Book

    In the RTD today it says they are publishing a 128-page, hardbound collector's book celebrating the final four run. If you order now, you save $10. More info at I apologize, if this was already posted. I think it sounds pretty cool.
  15. RamStrut


    Hey, for those of us not in Houston this weekend, I was wondering if anyone else is participating in the Monument 10k, now known as "The Rampede"? I will be running decked out in VCU attire. Just curious if anyone else was going to be involved. Go Rams!
  16. RamStrut


    Is Ed alright? Didn't play much in the 2nd half. He was on the bench with a towel on his head and his warm up on.
  17. RamStrut

    Call it confidence...

    What a great tournament so far for our Rams. These games have not looked like upsets. We straight up look like the better team. We look like a team who can play and beat anyone in the country. We don't just belong but I believe we can beat anyone on any given night. The Rams went out there...
  18. RamStrut

    Band props

    Band looked and sounded great last night. One of the announcers (forget which one) commented that he has seen a ton of bands throughout the NCAA and that VCU ranked right up there at the top. He was loving it! Way to represent!
  19. RamStrut


    I am still riding the high today at work after a night of not so much sleep. We played our butts off. We looked hungry. We brought the intensity. We wanted it more! I am so proud of the players, coaches, band, fans. Here's to hoping we stay hungry! Great game!
  20. RamStrut


    Random, and no disrespect intended, but I always thought it would be kind of cool if the crowd yelled RAM! during the ramparts part of the "...O'er the ramparts we watched ..." in the national anthem. To me, it's better than yelling OH! later in the Star Spangled Banner. Just throwing it out...