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  1. 1stFour2Final4

    Looking for one for UMASS

    Looking for a single for tonight. Text me please 804-615-1696 if ya have an extra.
  2. 1stFour2Final4

    Weather Woes

    If you decide you don't want to try to drive to the game tonight, please don't let those seats go empty! I'm looking for two tickets for the game. Thanks in advance!
  3. 1stFour2Final4

    Looking for 2 for SLU ~ GOOD TO GO!!!

    PM me please if you're trying to unload a couple tix.
  4. 1stFour2Final4

    Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge - A-10 Support

    I heard it mentioned after the Jay Bilas "I Told Ya So" piece and went to check it out. While our own WW was not included this year, I did see the A-10 is represented by Archie Miller. There is a time and place to talk trash (except with fur...then its all the time and every place) but when it...
  5. 1stFour2Final4

    Season Ticket Q&A

    I've never had season tix before but started donating this yea to the RAF. If I'm eligible for any tickets this year, when and how would I know?
  6. 1stFour2Final4

    Donation solicitations

    I have received a call from 804-827-3863 claiming to be doing a survey for the History Dept at VCU. The questioning was more small talk than actual survey questions. Ultimately the dude asked for a one time $150 donation to the group. I advised I already make annual contributions through the...
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    Where we going???
  8. 1stFour2Final4

    Wes to be addressing the Peppa's Eviction on 910 today

    He didn't say a specific time, but its one of the topics of today's show.
  9. 1stFour2Final4

    Shaka's Milestone(s)

    Shaka is closing in on his 100th win. Anything planned (that we know of) for this or is it really no big deal?
  10. 1stFour2Final4

    It's only weird if it don't work...

    I keep seeing the beer commercial where all the dudes have the labels turned to the field during a field goal attempt which got me wonderin...What are some of RamNations basketball superstitious habits??? I normally shave my head (I figure if mother nature is gonna take it, I will beat her to...
  11. 1stFour2Final4

    Yahoo Sports "Top 25 most intriguing coaches" Shaka #24

    Crap...I didn't go back far enough to see this had already been mentioned...Sorry folks!
  12. 1stFour2Final4

    Sights and soundz from Portland???

    Who is the videographer that has been capturing the video for this site? The quality of the video footage in HD is AWESOME! I am anxious to see some footage of our guys and the PEPPAS doing their thing! Please link to any vids or pics that you fans may have while on the trip as well!
  13. 1stFour2Final4

    Here We Go!!!

    Haha...look at all the VCU fans at the RC already! It's AWESOME!
  14. 1stFour2Final4

    College Gameday on ESPN-U

    Just caught about a full minutes worth of decent commentary on VCU...all 4 analyists agreed we pass the eye test alone...all 4 said we dont make it based on numbers...bottom line...WIN THE TOURNY!
  15. 1stFour2Final4

    Check your bank statement

    Twice this season I got home from work and could not find our Rams playin on any of the ESPN's so I reluctantly went to Towson and Georgia States sites and signed up for what I thought was a single game view package. Turns out it was a monthly subscription to both sites. Yeah yeah I know...dee...
  16. 1stFour2Final4

    Why do they just stand there???

    My mom asked me last night why the two suits stand in the paint during the time outs...I did not have a good answer...Anyone care to help fix my ignorance? :?:
  17. 1stFour2Final4

    Gameclock and Shotclock issues at the STU

    I cannot imagine I am the only one on the East End that has noticed the backside Shotclock keeps resetting at like 19 seconds. It's most annoying when you are sitting in a state-of-the-art facility and the Shotclocks are not synced...and it has been that way the whole season! FIX IT PLEASE...
  18. 1stFour2Final4

    Bubble Watch shows Alabama might be in...

    Shaka vs. Grant AGAIN??? Hmmm how nice would that be if the stars aligned just right where we ended up dancing with them?