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  1. RonnieDobbs

    Washington Nationals College Day: VCU May 18

    May 18 against the Dodgers. If they come out with a black and gold curly 'W' hat...well that would be rather exciting.
  2. RonnieDobbs

    At St. Joe's Jan 3 - TV?

    I have people coming from out of town then who really want to see the Rams play. Does anyone know anything?
  3. RonnieDobbs

    Rachel Dolezal

    #AskRachel has to be the funniest twitter topic ever.
  4. RonnieDobbs

    Coach's Show - TV

    What ever happened to doing a coach's show on TV? I used to watch the old Sonny Smith shows all the time. I sure don't miss those pithy one liners. Anyway, the Jeff Lebo show is on MASN right now. I guess the MASN audience goes into North Carolina...but man, if East Carolina can get a show why...
  5. RonnieDobbs

    What is it about Grant?

    Hey I'm here for a favor. I read the posts and comments somewhat regularly. I'm an incredibly poor poster myself (my efforts on a great blog about the Wizards,, are just sad)....anyway, my point is I don't read every single post and I'm curious as to the hostility toward...