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    Black And Gold 2021- Here We Go!

    Not requiring a vaccination or proof of negative test within 72 hours is weak IMHO. I am concerned about attending with just a mask requirement because the reality is that so many will have a beverage or food at their seat and have their mask off part if not all of the time. Complicated times...
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    What’s YOUR expectation for the season?

    I think we will be first of all fun to watch and underdogs in a lot of the games we play. I expect a disappointing out of conference because of the loss of experience at the 1 and 2 guard spots. We will develop as the season progresses and will be better by the time A10 play starts...that's...
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    Recruiting 22' 6'10 4* Rivals Top 150 Christian Fermin commits to VCU.

    Yes, yes, yes...Welcome to RamNation Mr. Fermin! BTW, Ed announced the hiring of a new Womens Lacrosse coach from Stanford that I think he is very excited about.
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    Recruiting 2021 Offers

    Read Grisham's new novel, "Sooley". Besides being the usual good read from him, he gives a nod and wink toward the reality of high level college basketball. To think that player and families do not break NCAA regs in 2021 is beyond naïve. That being said, I know zero about what happened with...
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    Long time fan Randy Smith has died.

    Very sad to hear this. Had many, many good conversations with him before games and at halftime, on the road and at home going back to the JD years. He was a good guy and as passionate a Rams fan as you will find.
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    Strength Coach Dan Roose coming back to VCU!!!!

    Wow, this is HUGE! Roose was a key part of Shaka's success here. We had a good S&C coach, now we have one of the best. To the worry worts on here, if this was not a great move for Coach Roose and for VCU Basketball, would either have made such a significant move?
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    The 2019-20 Season

    Someone who knows how, needs to start a new thread. This is HUGE! Welcome home Coach Roose!
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    News Story about Franklin Street Gym and VCU Basketball: Worth subscribing to The Athletic for

    My best memory of the FSG is Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks and Fleetwood Mac in concert in 72 or 73 before the Mac were famous. Surprised nobody else mentioned that.
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    Players 🦴 Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland 🦴

    I don't post here much anymore buy feel a need here. This young man is making a decision that will affect the course of his life. We are all confident that choosing the Rams will turn out great for him, but maybe he needs some space and time to come to that conclusion himself. I certainly...
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    Former VCU assistant Jamion Christian named new head coach at GW

    I remember Shaka saying the year after he left that he had taken Mike Rhodes entire play book with him. He was like "Jamion you can't do that!". I think that was in public, maybe the Basketball Banquet. Anybody else remember hearing this?
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    Need to be willing to adapt on defense

    Keep it simple: Cut turnovers by 5 per game. Be a little more patient on offense at the beginning of the game to be sure we make baskets, get to set up the press and not dig a hole. Play defense with some freaking intensity! This has a lot more to do with the players we have than the coaches...
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    Recruiting VCU Recruiting

    By the way, UVA graduation is this coming weekend.
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    Players Official Lavar Batts Summer Mixtape. MUST WATCH !

    I know its's a mixtape, but wow! I think we're gonna love this guy.
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    Jordan Burgess

    A Rams Message Board has been around at least since the end of Sonny Smith's tenure as coach. Bighorn has been on the board as long as I can remember. I remember some regular posts from the early days about getting too nervous being at close games and having to leave and drive around drinking...
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    The Official Beat the OU Sooners in OKC Thread

    nobody's sung yet!
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    The Official Beat The Cincinnati Bearcats Thread

    This team needs the 6th man the Stu can be. GO RAMS!!!!!!!!
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    Michael Gilmore Deserves His Own Thread..

    He's not a big. He's a 3 and can shoot the three. Love his defense when he gets fired up. We will all be lovin' this guy's play this year and beyond.
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    Offensive Rhythm and Blues

    OK, so we just started our season over 9 games ago and are now without our starting point guard and arguably the best on-ball defender in the country. Losing is frustrating as heck to this long time fan, but we became a different team when Bri went down with different team skillsets than we had...
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    DU in Pitt is no cakewalk. I'm nervous just from the crazy talk on Ramnation. Tre's guts pulled us out of Roady by the skin of our a**. Why are you so confident now?
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    A Memorial Thread for ram4life

    Da, da, dahh, da dah, da dah Da, da, dahh, da dah, da, dah Da, da, dah, da dahh, da dahh,da dahhhh Da, dah, da V! da da dah Da, dah, da, C! da, da dah Da dah, da U! da, da dah Let'S go VCU! Thanks Pav and all who were a part of the service this morning. Go Rams!