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    Where are Fans in Richmond Watching the Game Today and Why

    The bean is obvious, but where else are Ram Fans gathering?
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    Rock, Chalk, Choke!

    I know, OT, but couldn't help myself.
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    19th Sellout in a Row?!

    According to the CAA website the PM session tomorrow is sold out!
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    Can we just stop the silly posting rules?

    I'm looking for CAA results and can't find it here (on the CAA Forum) or on CAAZone. People on here know the results and could post it, but we have the message board police... :roll:
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    To me the havoc is not working for us and probably has not worked for at least the last 10 games or so. Teams are regularly breaking the press and often getting easy shots as a result. We also seem to struggle getting back and set up in our half court defense which has been 95% man. We also...
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    Best First Half of the Year!!!

    Where's the love?
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    Travel to Towson

    I will be in our Manassas tomorrow and have meetings in MD on Tuesday, so I think I am going to go to the game. If anyone wants to go and needs a ride from the Manassas area let me know here. Also, is there any planned gathering spot before the game?
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    A Little Reality Check...

    IMHO, and contrary to what many on these boards think, we do not have great guards. Let's take a closer look. Joey has shown significant growth and flashes of greatness over his 3+ years here and has basically been a starter the entire time. BUT, he is injured and just a shadow of the player...
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    What If?

    I have been thinking about this for a while and UR's win over Purdue really cemented it for me. What if mid-majors stop acting like mid-majors and build themselves toward major status. Of course there is nothing new in this thought; Gonzaga has been held out as the shining example of what is...
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    Are We Redshirting 3???

    Just to start the wheels spinning, three freshmen did not play: Reddic, McCarter, and Houston. And Hinton got like 6 minutes. What is going on here. Redshirt 3? I hope not. I think that at least Reddic needs to develop this year especially since Carl what-his-name is not coming.
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    Let's Pack the Siegel Center on October 15th!

    "All Ram fans should consider attending the first ever Black & Gold Ball at the Siegel Center from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. on Friday, October 15th for the following reasons: It will be the best party in Richmond that night and will become a signature annual event. You can dance to the sounds of...
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    I just heard from a good friend of mine who was a friend of Terry Sissisky's that he has passed away. Very sad. VCU flags everywhere should be at half mast.
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    High Quality Depth in 2010

    Just for fun and to pass some time. Here's how I see our depth chart next year with a grade of A thru F assigned to each player: PG: Joey (A) Theus (B) Grayson (D) SG: BRozz (B) Nixon (B-) Daniel (C+) Brandenberg (C-) SF: Burgess (B) MacCarter (C+) PF: Skeen (A-) Veal (B-) Reddic...
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    Team,Stu,Brand,Fans and the Band

    I think we have something special going here. Is there a better experience out there? Probably, but maybe not in that combination and maybe not at the mid-major level. The last three games were fun for the fans for the above reasons and I'm sitting there thinking that all of this deserves...
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    4 Wins in 4 Days!

    It is our destiny, let's get it done! GO RAMS!
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    Second Guessing the Coach for Fun and Sport

    This thread is meant to be taken somewhat lightly and maybe spark some intelligent discussion without name calling. I have two second gueses to offer: 1. With 5 minutes left, the score 68-64 and the team on the floor playing well together, leave Larry on the bench a few more minutes or maybe...
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    Margin of Victory

    I just did a quick analysis on the Rams CAA games and found the following: Average loss differential: -5.1 points Average win differential: +21.4 points None of our in conference wins have been by less than 12 points. My take on this is that when this team is "on", when it is playing to...
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    GMU and JMU Bus Trips

    I got an email today from the Alex in the AD about the sponsored bus trips to GMU Tuesday and JMU next Saturday. Apparently, there are so many unsold seats, they may have to cancel both which would be a shame and a bad precedent to set for future bus trips. To quote Alex; "It truly means the...
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    Shot Selection, Toughness, and other random thoughts...

    At half time, I was laying the difference on four ill advised shots by the Rams, a Larry 3, a TJ 3, a Gavin forced 3 and a Gavin forced 2. Give us those four possessions back and maybe we convert two of them, we're up at least 7 at half instead of 3. Then we come out the second half and get...
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    Wreaking Havoc???

    Our defense has been suspect for the last several games and especially tonight. To allow a team of ECU's caliber to shoot 56% from the field and 47% from three at home is atrocious. We got out of the SC tonight by the skin of our teeth and could very easily be filling up these pages with "the...