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  1. districtballer

    Who are your top 10 VCU dunkers of all-time?

    Here’s my list based off of limited fandom and watching YouTube tape almost exclusively supplied by @Mistachill (you’re the real MVP!). I’m almost certainly missing guys, so you folks who’ve been around for the 70s and 80s fill me in on who I’m missing! 1. Kendrick Warren 2. Willie Taylor 3...
  2. districtballer

    3 Lady Rams win All-Conference honors

    Congratulations to the Lady Rams! Taya Robinson made 1st Team All-Conference & All-Defensive Team, Tera Reed made 3rd Team & Sarah Te-Biasu made the All-Rookie Team.
  3. districtballer

    VCU’s Recruiting in the A-10

    It was pretty cool to see this from our league mates at St. Joe’s in response to our spring recruiting haul. Lots of respect for our program here. This post definitely caught my...
  4. districtballer

    2015-2016 'A-10 vs Power 5' Thread

    I thought it would be cool to keep track of how we and the conference do against the Power 5 conferences in the OOC schedule as it goes along. I'm not including the AAC or Big East in the interests of accuracy and faithfulness to the thread title. The A-10 is 6-3 vs. P5 teams so far: Wins...
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    VCU in the 2017 Maui Invitational
  6. districtballer

    The Official 'For Guitar Gear Junkies Only' Thread

    @Peeps inspired me to start a thread for the music enthusiasts among the RamNation. Guitars, effects, amplifiers, mojo or no mojo, you name it, let's make this the thread for it. Cheers!
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    KenPom preseason rankings out, 8 A-10 teams in top 100

    KenPom preseason rankings are out, 8 A-10 teams in the top 100. Ken Pom requires at least a month of data for the numbers to firm up and be somewhat reliable, but here's what he's got: 46-Davidson 50-Rhode Island 53-VCU 58-George Washington 64-Richmond 65-Dayton 74-St. Joe's...
  8. districtballer

    The Official VCURamNation Hip Hop/Rap/R&B Thread

    All the talk about Lil Dicky on the recruiting thread had me thinking it would be cool to have a Hip Hop/Rap discussion thread for enthusiasts of the genre. Drake's 'Pound Cake' instrumental is a pretty dope beat to freestyle on... here's Childish Gambino on the same beat, which is pretty...
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    Mike Litos' blog is now on VCURamNation!

    Here's his first post:
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    VCU and the NBA Draft

    Since we've had a lot of talk about the NBA Draft, I thought it would be interesting for our newer fans (to learn) and older fans (to reminisce) to take a look at our history with the NBA Draft and players who have played in the Association. VCU has had 19 players drafted to the NBA: Fred...
  11. districtballer

    2016 Mamadou Diarra down to VCU and UConn

    6'8.5" PF ESPN 4-star Mamadou Diarra is down to VCU and UConn per various reports. His best basketball is definitely ahead of him and he's been on campus with Coach Wade. If you don't already follow, please consider doing so: His friend Hamidou Diallo is...
  12. districtballer

    Special Request

    You may have heard that Sterling Gibbs has graduated from Seton Hall. He was 2nd-team All-Big East and is immediately eligible. ESPN just ranked him as the top transfer available in the country. Believe it or not, VCU is in the running for him and in strong position among a couple of other...
  13. districtballer

    A-10 at-large profile tracking thread

    Bad losses are defined as teams over 100 in the RPI. Signature wins are assigned as top 50 RPI wins. Rhody is a real stretch at this point but I've included them for the time being. Davidson Wildcats: 13-4 (5-2 A-10) RPI: 39, KenPom: 32 (AdjO: 4, AdjD: 214) SOS: 99, non-con SOS: 222 vs. RPI...
  14. districtballer

    ESPN ranks VCU's 2015 recruiting class #25 in the country

    VCU follows its #14 2014 class with the #25 recruiting class in 2015 per ESPN: ESPN National Recruiting Director Paul Biancardi mentions VCU as one of the big winners of the early signing period. He talks about our...
  15. districtballer

    AP Top 25 Poll- November 17th

    The AP Top 25 poll will come out around noon today. Here are how AP Top 25 voters who have published their ballots so far voted: Chris Dachille: VCU #12 Seth Davis: VCU #13 Jerry Carino: VCU #15 Bret Strelow: VCU #15 Rick Bozich: VCU #16 Mark Berman: VCU #16 Doug Haller: VCU #17 David Borges...
  16. districtballer

    UAB to the A-10?! Considering dropping football Thoughts? UAB has a very good basketball program, but it is a definite geographic outlier, even with the league's southward expansion. UAB is an old VCU rival from our Sun Belt days in...
  17. districtballer

    VCU Ranked #15 In Preseason AP Top 25 Poll- Oct. 31st

    The preseason AP Top 25 basketball poll will be released around noon tomorrow. Here are AP Top 25 voter ballots that have already been published: Jon Wilner (San Jose Mercury News): #12 Chris Murray (Reno Gazette-Journal): #14 Jerry Carino (Gannett New Jersey Newspapers): #15 Bret Strelow...
  18. districtballer

    Rtd: Spiders Hoops Handles Business Without Elite Recruits Pretty good article for those who are interested in the crosstown rivals...
  19. districtballer

    Umass Practice Facility Construction Progress

    It looks like a very nice facility in its own right! Good to see other A-10 teams stepping up to plate with quality practice facilities.