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  1. Newboy

    Hey Rams Fans!

    Have a great holiday season!
  2. Newboy

    Is it too early .........for the 20-21 starting line-up?

    I'll go first. Blast away. Baldwin Bones Wadkins Brown Ward. Store out early and often with the youth. By the time we get through the pre-conference schedule, these guys are ready. Bring in the experienced players off the bench. PS Just because they start doesn't mean they get the majority of...
  3. Newboy

    3 Questions

    What is worse, aisle walkers or fans that leave early? Would you rather beat Kearney and lose to FUR, or beat FUR and lose to Kearney? Would you like to see the bucket guys play the National Anthem? Sometimes I get board at work.
  4. Newboy

    2017- 2018 Tickets

    Are we getting close? I do not recall, but don't the season ticket holders usually get renewals in June?