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  1. HTTRams!

    Serious discussion about PT

    I am using our conference per game stats but, just curious what you guys really think....not tryna slam anyone here, but I think we are seriously going to be bitten if coach doesn't adjust minutes. I do not believe Evans, Simms, and Vince should be getting the minutes they are currently...
  2. HTTRams!

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    Not VCU related I know, but huge basketball news! Matt Norlander @MattNorlande Los Angeles authorities are confirming a helicopter crash in Calabasas that reportedly had Kobe Bryant and four others on board. LA County Sheriff @LASDHQ Five people confirmed deceased, no survivors in...
  3. HTTRams!

    Ticket Re-sells

    I wanted to create this thread, as I didn’t see one else where, where we can all reach out to each other to sell tickets. I live in DC, so it’s hard for me to get tix, other than thru Ticketmaster or stubhub, but felt it would be easier dealing directly with VCU fans. Also, this way no other...
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    Coach Rhoades-Rumors have begun!

    That didn’t take long.
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    2019 Bracketology Thread

    Sorry if there is another thread like this but, I had created one like this last year and wanted to continue with having a separate thread for Bracketology. That! You will know when you see it. Updated today.
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    News NBA, NCAA, players association align as step toward one-and-done rule elimination

    I know Mcbride posted this in a different thread but thought this deserved to be a thread by itself.
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    For most of Friday’s 40 minutes, VCU played about as well as it has all season. Rhoades decided to throw some zone defense at Rhode Island just to mix up the Rams. For a while, it did. “I swear I watched 15 VCU tapes, and I think I saw one possession of zone,” Hurley said. “It messed us up for...
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    A10 tourney in DC-I have 4 books available-UPDATE-Only 2 left!

    Hey guys, I have 4 books available for the A10 tourney in Section 111, which is dead center. Row O. If you are interested, please let me know. I will delete this thread when the tourney is over, just need to get these books off my hand as I had a family emergency come up. Thanks guys!
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    CBB-The trickle-down impact of 20-game Power 5 league schedules

    Has anyone else read this article? This f'in blows! We need to get out of the A10 or else we can kiss bball goodbye! If there is another thread for this, let me know.
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    National Harbor- Join us and meet Coach Rhoades and AD Ed McLaughlin!

    About the Event VCU Athletics invites you to join new Head Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Rhoades, Director of Athletics Ed McLaughlin and Atlantic-10 Commissioner Bernadette McGlade for a special VCU D.C. Alumni event at Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar at the National Harbor. Find out about the...
  11. HTTRams!

    One and done rule and it's impact on VCU and other non P5 schools I have a feeling this was a thread already but, I can't find it. That said, I am curious what you guys think changing the rule would mean for us. BTW, I know this is an open forum...
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    2018 Atlantic 10 Mens Basketball Championship @ Verizon Center (D.C.)

    Forgive me if there is already a thread for the 2018 tourney but, pre-sale tix at a 10 percent discounted rate just went on sale. That said, a few friends of mine were talking about possibly doing a suite. We already called and, the pricing is actually REALLY good. I know it's crazy early...
  13. HTTRams!

    2018 Bracketology Thread

    Is it ever too early to talk Bracketology? Here is the look ahead from ESPN. VCU.....not anywhere to be seen yet, we are "just outside" of their early top 25. Lunardi does not agree.
  14. HTTRams!

    NoVA 2017 A10/NCAA Tourney watch party info

    For all my NoVA peeps, please join!
  15. HTTRams!

    Charitable donation to Jimmy V on behalf of DMV VCU Basketball Fan page and DMV Alumni-Please donate

    Good morning folks, As I am setting up the events for the Watch Parties and the pre-games for the Mason and GW game here in Northern VA, I realize this would be a great opportunity to use some of the kickbacks I get from different bars that I work with to donate to the Jimmy V foundation. I...
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    DMV BBALL FANS! 1st Round watch party @ Courthaus Social VCU vs ucf

    RamNation! Sorry for creating a new thread for this but, this is the most efficient way I know of finding out which of you live in the Northern VA area. I have talked to my buddies who own Courthaus Social in Arlington and unlike Atown, they are going to give us deals on food and drinks...
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    WW Interviews. Too tough or just right?

    If you guys think its a waste for me to create a thread to discuss this topic, go ahead and delete it, I understand. That said, I think it is something to be discussed and I am curious to hear what people think. Is Wade too tough? I mean, we won by 22 and he was PISSED! What do you guys...
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    Has VCU struck gold again with Wade hire?

    Sorry if this was posted elsewhere, actually I am not really that sorry. This article is so nice it should be posted EVERYWHERE!
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    News Vcu Is Clear Atlantic 10 Favorite (espn Insider)

    VCU is clear Atlantic 10 favorite Deep Rams have all the pieces -- including on offense -- to make NCAA run Originally Published: October 1, 2014 By Jordan Brenner | ESPN Insider Geoff Burke/USA TODAY SportsShaka Smart and the Rams are looking to rebound from an NCAA round of 64 exit. VCU Rams...
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    College Basketball Teams Best Set Up For Consistent Success Ahead Of 2014-15 (bleacher Report)

    College Basketball Teams Best Set Up for Consistent Success Ahead of 2014-15 By Kerry Miller, College Basketball National ColumnistSep 23, 2014 16. VCU Rams 2014-15 Seniors: Briante Weber, Treveon Graham 2014-15 Freshmen: Terry Larrier (No. 34) 2015-16 Seniors: Melvin Johnson 2015-16...