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    place for the night.

    Hello Ram nation, this may be an odd request, but I have a workshop in Richmond from Monday through Friday and I'm looking for someone who might have a vacant guestroom Sunday night, August 11, who wouldn't mind putting up a fellow Ram fan. I thought I could offer a small donation to VCU...
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    Beth O'Boyle A10 COY!

    Having admittedly doubted her and wondered if this would be her last season at VCU, I must say Coach O'Boyle has done an outstanding job with this team this year. With the expectations of this team at the beginning of the season far, far exceeded Coach has to be the leading candidate for A10...
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    Playing under Israeli apartheid, OK?

    Our beloved always RAM Jamal Shuler has been signed to play for Hapoel Tel Aviv. This will likely be a very good paying position, and the fans there will support him. but I found it impossible to hit the like button. I've been there, Tel Aviv, but more importantly the West Bank (worked in Al...
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    Confederate Monuments, remove or stay

    So, we don't get caught up in several pages of discussion on basketball related threads let's discuss this here. My take: I grew up a son of the south. I loved to listen to my Uncle Gene, the family's resident historian of the Civil War talk about the battles, the war strategy, the personalities...
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    The best Eastern North Carolina BBQ

    OK, the discussion on the recruiting thread has made me so hungry for this I think I'm going to have to make a road trip. To stop clogging up the recruiting thread I thought I'd open a thread here. Any suggestions on where to go when I make my road trip, I'll be paying $18 in toll, so it needs...
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    Racism and redskins, talk about it here.

    Just to remove the discussion of racism and redskins from the coaching staff thread where it doesn't belong.
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    Need one for Mason

    If I can get a ticket, I can make it over from the shore tomorrow. anybody got one?
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    Ticket for St. Joe's game wanted

    I'm looking for one ticket to the St. Joe's game Feb. 14.
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    A Little Love For the Women's Team

    OK, I know this is the guys forum, but more people read this one. and that's part of the problem. I love the guys team and have since the 70's, but I also love the girls team (not since the 70's, but for while now). while we are setting records for selling out the guys games, pushing 60 now, it...