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    Welcome to Levi Stockard III

    Could be graduating or expecting a waiver. Who knows during these times. Have to imagine our staff would get someone eligible this year
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    Welcome to Levi Stockard III

    Probably wouldn’t be an amazing decision to pick up if he wasn’t going to be immediately eligible IMO
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    Welcome to Levi Stockard III

    Kansas State website is worded as if he’s a GT. Says he opted to transfer for his final year of eligibility 2020-21
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    De’Riante Jenkins stepping away from basketball

    Far and away the most hurtful part of the season. His shot, length, and fluidity made him one of my favorite players to watch play college basketball in the 5 years that I’ve been a viewer
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    The Official Beat the GooMoos (Again) in the Animal Thread

    What??? It’s hard to even take this seriously LOL
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    The Official Beat The Louisiana State Bayou Tigers in the Animal Thread

    Section 36 row s seat 7 ticket for sale!! Tell your friends
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    Ticket Re-sells

    Am I missing something? Single game tickets go on sale Wednesday? To OP I would see about buying a ticket package, I believe 4 games for $99, and sell the tickets that are for week day games at cost or higher
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    PJ Byrd to transfer

    Why are people reporting he’s elligible immediately??
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    PJ Byrd to transfer

    Where do you see the relation? Genuine question
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    VCU’s Recruiting in the A-10

    Evans would have counted in the 2017 class since 2018 was his sit year, but since he was a transfer he didn't count at all. Same for Douglass. So the '18 class only had Vince, PJ, and Curry
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    Recruiting VCU Recruiting

    Summer classes have already started
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    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    You can have an agent and withdraw your name from the draft as late as June 10 this year
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    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    It's more likely Grady comes back
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    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    Yes a few times but those posts fly under our radar because it's always for D2 prospects
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    Sean Gone

    Saw sean 2 days ago still wearing vcu gear so I dont believe anyone has any hard feelings except people on this forum
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    The Official Beat Rhody on Friday in Brooklyn Thread

    Nothing torn or broken! Thank ram god
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    The Official Beat Rhody on Friday in Brooklyn Thread

    They gave UVA the 1 seed last year knowing they didn’t have a key player so I imagine they take injuries into little account
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    The Official Beat Rhody on Friday in Brooklyn Thread

    Source at the game says ME dad came out of locker room and gave crowd a thumbs up
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    The Official Beat Rhody on Friday in Brooklyn Thread

    Went down with suspected knee injury